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@wiki_me no offense wiki_me, but it doesn’t matter how good your group is, you and others should begin to consider migrating to a different platform.

of course it matters, i am not using it for some generic chit chat like on lemmy, it is a source of important information for me, stuff that helps me manage my career (there is also research showing how beneficial are communities of practice or communities of interest are, and also how online support groups can improve mental health).

People will go where there is good quality meaningful content, that’s how it works and IMO that’s how it should work.

I am in some pretty high quality facebook groups, meta made 118B in the last year, it’s very far from dead, If we want to build something better i think some modesty would be useful.

Sorry, am not used to lemmy having posts that have both a link and a text, didn’t see a link on the website where i would expect it to be so i guess my mind just assumed it doesn’t exist.

Is mastodon actually a good social media platform? is anybody using it and thinks it’s better then other platforms? (twitter reddit facebook groups or whatever)

I would like to know how you manage to suppress these fearful feelings or at least how you feel about this philosophically nonfree software/trademark issue.

Your overthinking this, There is other software that is also trademarked (LInux most famously probably). As the lwn article said you can always call it “gust” or something like that.

having a trademark is useful, as someone can pull a “extend embrace extinguish” by creating a semi compatible version or a version that has better support for windows.

Is there a good open source software for running surveys with a free online host?
It should have the option of answering yes/no questions (I am considering running a survey checking if a community knows if a certain feature exists).

There is work on showing the number of unread comments.

hubzilla is more “facebook like”, that is something like a blog where a user posts to a feed he owns, unlike in lemmy where you post to a community.

One nice thing about it is that you can post to specific “subjects”, so if i am interested say in investing and in FOSS, you person can subscribe to read just what i write about FOSS, and another can subscribe to just what i write about investing.

But iirc the UX for this is kinda bad, it’s not surprising it appears like it’s shrinking while other projects like misskey and friendica seem to be growing.

The dating site?

I would try the subreddit or the bug tracker (generally confusing behavior should not happen IMO).

I can click on a comment to mark it as read and then just display read comments (and set this as the default, by default it marks as read just comments you “looked at” which does not seem to work as well).

I can also tag a certain user, so stuff like “lemmy developer” will appear next to his name.

I also shows the sum of upvotes and downvotes i made to a guy, so if he has “-4” that means his judgement is probably not very good and i should avoid engaging in conversation with him, if it’s high it might be especially “useful” to start talking to him.

Another advantage of reddit (at least old reddit) that given the front page has a few default subscriptions i can remove some i am not interested in, on Lemmy “all” stream it looks like basically just communism propaganda/advocacy (So you are not going to start looking for regular stuff there, which makes people post less regular stuff and the circle continues), having the ability on the client side to block a specific instance or community could be useful (not to mention some people know people who lived on communist countries and heard some pretty bad stories, even if you think it was not “true communism” or something like that it can still give a pretty bad impression). There is the “remove” button but it is not clear what it does (It should have a pop up when hovering over him).

I like some parts of it (showing how many upvotes and downvotes you got beside just a sum is good).

But it’s mostly less good version reddit (It does not have it’s ecosystem, Like the excellent RES that makes it possible to incrementally read a post , no multireddits , and of course no big communities with good content like on reddit) .

I feel like improving the platform is the way to make it a more worthwhile use of most people time (As it should among other things will bring more people).

People can believe what they want to believe, but there has to be a line somewhere no?

what next? rape and murder a CEO ? (a lemmy community with tips and tricks)

The report feature does not work for me, If anybody wants to try they can copy paste what i wrote:

To me this crosses a line, breaking the law because your pet economic theory says it’s ok, It might attract a bad crowd and maybe even cause legal problems.

I also had problems with it, but after an upgrade it works pretty well.

You gave this link.

As you can see in the website i linked to, lemmy.ml does not have 16k active users.

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