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Rimming, obviously

Weed (that was a higher hurdle for me than you might imagine)

Played Undertale

“But who’s got a better story than Brandon the Broken?”, the actor said, grinding his teeth and visibly grimacing at the horror of having the best 8 years of his career washed away in a month.

“Should we retake that?”, somebody asked after a brief stunned silence.

“Naah, it’s fine, let’s get the fuck out of here”, the director snapped angrily.

as Gandhi said, “worse than evil is justification of evil”.

I couldn’t find this quote, where’s it from?

It’s cute that some people think that we need to be manipulated to join NATO. Nope, we just need to look at the world map. Doesn’t matter one bit if NATO is the second most evil force in the world if the most evil force is right next to our doorstep, swinging their dicks at us.

edit I’ve been on the fence about this for the longest time, possibly as long as I’ve had political thoughts. But now Putin has made it clear for me at least: Nato and the USA are a net positive force on this world.

muchlateredit I’d like to point out that this doesn’t preclude others from being positive forces. I believe that China might very well also be a net positive force on this world perhaps more than the west, especially right now as they’re not massively involved in any wars. Russia on the other hand is definitely not.

“Wether it dating, sex, relationships or what we think about men farting all the time, we’ll tell you what’s REALLY on our minds, and no, we’re not ‘fine’ come join and start the discussion!” – are you kidding me or are you also trolling?

Gotta say that I would have never independently linked this image to that comic.

I find it difficult to believe that he’s crazy in that way, unless dementia has stepped in to change things. He’s all kinds of evil, sure, but hasn’t shown to be stupid, at least before launching this war. And it could have gone otherwise also, real wars are notoriously unpredictable.

I also find it difficult to believe that he has managed to fill his chain of command to the nukes with only people who are such assholes that they’re ready to destroy the world just because this failing old man tells them to. I want to believe that this is still a nation of people like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasily_Arkhipov and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanislav_Petrov and it’s just temporarily warped.

Wow, that sure is something.

Here’s the actual article if anyone else wants to see if it’s a parody: https://www.libertarianism.org/publications/essays/baby-selling

It’s not.

deleted by creator

This forum format strongly encourages pointless arguments because of the lack of immediate personal response and anonymity. It was evident in Usenet and IRC already in 80s and 90s, where pointless and very fiery arguments were happening all the time. Even though modern platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook obviously do everything they can to make the problem even worse (because it’s directly good for their bottom line), they did not invent the fundamental toxicity.

I have improved my thought patterns from these discussions, though. It’s just not obvious to anyone watching, because the improvement almost never happens directly and immediately from the current discussion. But it happens over time. Hopefully towards the better and not so much towards the worse.

It’s not okay to do that. It is inhumane. Don’t put people in categories. It’s almost never a good idea.

I don’t disagree, just wanted to point out that it’s not exactly correct to label such labeling as fascist.

The orc thing really has fascistic vibes to it.

When it’s specifically used at the enemy soldiers? No, not really at all fascistic, more like anti-fascistic. It’s like calling the police pigs.

Cool, thanks for that. I’ll certainly give it a shot.

I’ve tried several RSS readers but none really work for me for some reason.

I think what I need is a big bucket to which I point several RSS feeds. The software’s main job is to deduplicate everything and stop showing me the stuff I’ve already seen (unless I’ve explicitly saved them). And definitely not show me any discussion about any of those things unless I specifically request that.

I’ll hope to write this some day, that should show me how good or dumb the idea is.

Which won’t happen if you happen to be good friends with the people who are running the state.