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My favourite Blockchain/DLT-based social networks are the ones that take all the cryptobros away from people who aren’t cultists.

Ooh, yeah. I forgot about that. 我经常得用中文打字 nowadays. Dvorak would be a nightmare for that, I suspect.

When I tried it you had to install special software to use Dvorak. And that doesn’t help at all when you’re on a console device, etc.

The world is more than just the latest version of Windows.

+1 on the Vim thing. Holy CRAP was Vim impossible to use with Dvorak until I laboriously remapped every single god-damned key (and memorized the new key to functionality mapping!).

No. Just bluntly no.

I did try using Dvorak. I got pretty good at it. After about four months I could finally type as quickly and effectively on Dvorak as I could on QWERTY.

On. One. Computer.

I sit down at a friend’s computer or a family member’s? Newp. I use a phone or a tablet? Newp. I use a work computer (where I’m not permitted to install my own software)? Newp.

So that’s four months of reduced capacity to type, plus having to keep QWERTY in my muscle memory anyway (with the attendant confusion and error rate that causes!) all for … not really getting much more speed than I was able to do with QWERTY in the first place.

To apologetically paraphrase The Police:

There is no technical solution

to a troubled evolution

You’re not letting people from other instances subscribe? was the first point of contact for me with Lemmy. I joined it. I liked it. I saw no reason to go looking for another instance.

What’s my incentive to move to another instance supposed to be? Because I can?

Thanks for the tip. Problem got solved though without the log. It was a weird one.

Meh. Don’t beat yourself up over this. Thanks for the fix. I was able to post again.

If I were a browser console, where would I be hiding?

(I’m an embedded developer, not a web one.)

Phase 1:

URL and title provided

Phase 2:

Body of post provided

Phase 3:

Spin spin spin

And that’s where it sticks forever. Longest test run was over an hour.

Indeed whenever I try to upload anything (including the images used in this report that I eventually had to host at imgur) I get this popping up briefly:

Syntax Error

That might be a useful data point.

I’ve been unable to make any posts of any kind today. Was there a server update that turned that off?

My big problem with “algorithms” (by which I don’t mean the pedantic “well, pushing top-rated content to the top is ackshyouallee an algorithm, technically”) for controlling feeds is that algorithms are biased in subtly devastating ways. We like to think that “algorithms” are neutral because computers are neutral, but the truth is “algorithms” are designed and implemented by human beings and reflect what those human beings think is “normal” or “correct” or “important” or the like. Indeed there’s one huge, GLARING bias baked straight in from the outset: numericity. If it can’t be factored in some way into a number, it isn’t important to the “algorithm” because at its core the “algorithm” can’t work without numbers of some form or another.

Every “algorithmically”-curated system I deal with I can break with ease just by thinking a wee bit outside the box and flustering the poor so-called AI by selecting things on criterion that they’re likely not programmed for because in the biased view of the AI’s programmers the criterion wasn’t “important”.

Please specify which “crypto”?

Cryptography is doing just fine, thank you very much. I presume you meant “cryptocurrency” here?

Many, many times. I have rural family and I did a lot of camping in my youth.

Real camping. Not cosplay camping with mobile homes.

It’s almost as if I said “walking” for a reason…

But it’s a mystery why I might.

Tech has no agency. As such technology makes us do nothing. We are the agents in the relationship.

If your tech is making you feel lonely, sit down and see what it is about the tech that does that. Then expunge the portions of the tech doing this to you. You are the one with agency, after all. You are the one picking up that phone, turning on that computer, firing up that video game, logging in to that social media site. If you feel compelled to do any of that, look closer at the source of that compulsion. You’ll find to your shock that it’s not the tech doing it. It’s people.

The cut the people out that are making you feel lonely. Foster relationships instead with people who don’t make you feel lonely.

I just created a community for [the Logtalk programming language]( Drop on by if you're a user, want to be a user, or just think this sounds interesting.