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trying to find a post / source of “self-made success guy story” probably published previously on lemmy
it was a fun story of young guy from us, who worked during studying in his fathers company, lived in grand pa/ uncle home to save on rent, got loads of money from uncle and managed to save money for own house or something like that. Motto of article was: if he could everyone can do it too :) any guesses ?

UX / design, it looks very similar to twitter for me, ie you have text field like in twitter where you write your memo and can use tags. So visual similarity mostly

Awesome! Now we need more languages! Do you know if it is required to have sources about lemmy in any specific language in order to make an article or it is enough to have English ones?

I’ve found it in browser console : getcommunity -> community_view -> counts

am I right that post and comments are not total numbers, but for some specific period like year for ex? Just noticed, that amount of posts and comments decreased since previous month.

Thank you very much! Finally, managed to get this data :)

If someone is interested, getCommunity helps to get number of subscribers.

hehe my initial hypothesis was oranges while my gf was pretty sure it is bananas (looks like she was the closest to the truth), but tomatoes really surprised me :)))

Is Iceland self-sufficient in terms of food? When I was there, I saw few greenhouses and cold desert around :)

probably good place for us citizens or whatever political agenda is, but for foreigners there is a risk to go through the same things as japanese-americans did during ww2.

nice country, but close to China, border conflicts with neighbors and water shortage.

it is not solely about myself, so if you have in mind various options depends on the budget, feel free to list them

What do you think is the safest place to escape to in case of global conflict?
::: spoiler spoiler first country I thought of was Argentina. :::

Your word against theirs

Just tell me why lemmy.ml should necessarily be ideologically diverse? To be in permanent chaos and useless fights? I think there is already plenty of such platforms…

yeah this one :) in my opinion, it is just a great series with a fun plot and great atmosphere!

solo keys looks interesting! Am I right that it could be used as a password, not like a 2FA only?

upd seems it more 2FA solution

btw was lemmy bucks thing planned to be like it works now, or they could be transformed into tokens? I mean, it is quite easy to make ERC20 lemmy bucks on any testnet to play with :)

Could they anyhow be connected with previous wave of antivaxxers?

BTW, it would be great to see a Solidity community there too. Let me know if you create it, I’ll place a link to it in /c/crypto description.

Basically, when users can interact with blockchain on your webpage.

Is there a way to get historical data on subscribers count by community?
I think it would be a great metric for mods to see the growth dynamics of a community. It also could be used to add another filter like "growing communities" in addition or instead of "trending communities" which is simply a list of recently created as far as I understand.

Because reddit is overwhelmed with useless stuff which melting down my cpu :)

Even if rest of your life you will buy beverages in wooden bucket it would not solve the environmental problem, just give you an egoistic feeling of contribution… and of course it is all about to create a new type of consumer - “'eco consumer”, nothing more…

  1. Community specific flyers for accounts (for now we have only mod)
  2. Community specific flyers for posts determined by mods of community (like question , discussion, news etc)

final thoughts: sleek is an awesome foss to do app based on todo.txt https://github.com/ransome1/sleek

Of course we need. Otherwise you have to fight with “downvoted” perception.

I have just found on github a sleek - to do app based on todo.txt but with nice interface. Looks good, will try it out

something like that but foss ^

for desktop, simple and with reminders.

Can anyone share invite to cock.li or another similar anonymous email service?

They tell you it’s your fault.
Hope it belongs here ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/XIneIdtMbN.png)

New community -> /c/scam
The idea behind this community is to provide people an ability to report scam posts to make them easily discoverable in a single place for mods and admins. If you see a scam post anywhere on lemmy, please publish post's link here. https://lemmy.ml/c/scam Admins and mods in their turn can use this community as a dashboard and delete both original scam and scam alert post.

Discussion: open links in a new tab by default?
I've noticed, that links are being opened in the same tab and after reading you should all the time return to the lemmy page back. Should be easy to change that. What do you think?

Any illustrators/graphic designers out there?
I need 1 illustration (not complex). I have a reference for the style and sketch that gives a clear idea of the result. Ready to pay an equivalent of 150 USD in any low-transaction-fees crypto for the high resolution illustration incl. source file. DM for more details.

What will happen to bitcoin in case of global internet kill switch?
Imagine internet kill switch is in action around the world due to some lets say major conflict and previously global network becomes local in some territories or even turned off in others. So what is the bitcoin destiny in this case? Will people in some areas continue to mine bitcoin that will lead to several separate chains? Is there plan for such a scenario?