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Probably yes. Vulkan is everywhere now. For example I use a lot of Gamescope to play (upscale) older games and it uses Vulkan.

This is hilarious and exactly what I would expect from Microsoft.

This is basically Philly for you. It’s that kind of a place.

Why would you bring a car into NYC? It’s silly.

Wine/DXVK (aka Proton) now runs native Windows games very well. We don’t need native Linux games to say that Linux gaming is a success. I gave the Elden Ring example on purpose. It’s a Windows game, but runs much more smoothly on Linux with Proton than on Windows (thanks to DXKV caching). This is a huge success: an AAA game, onrie.of the biggest hits of 2022, that runs more smoothly on Linux than on Windows.

Linux gaming is not what it used to be. More or less everything now works as good as Windows, sometimes even better (see Elden Ring).

We have been doing early morning runs or bicycle rides since the pandemic began. It was very difficult in the beginning, but feels great now!

There should be lots of pytorch based speec recognition models now (works on python).

YouTube has ads? I’ve never seen any. That’s because I use uBlock Origin and NewPipe.

Which instance should I migrate to? I tried Beehaw but didn’t like it due to the lack of downvotes. I’ll try perthchat next. Anyone else?

feddit.de has some activity.

I tried Beehaw, but gave up after seeing that the downvote button is disabled.

I like the touchscreen on my laptop. I don’t use it often, but it’s great when you’re lying in bed and it’s uncomfortable to use the touchpad.

I have touchscreen on my laptop. It works great with Linux. I’m suprised more people don’t want one.

Peertube is the best. Odysee is not bad, but I prefer a decentralized alternative like Peertube.

Is there a DSL modem that has modern features like vectoring that also runs OpenWRT? I could not find any?

TPM has nothing to do with security. It exists to deny people control over the device the bought.

Where do I sign up for the sand repellent anus?

Web2 is dystopian. Hey, maybe Web3 will be marginally better.


Eventhough Android is FOSS, it really doesn’t work for most people without Google Play Services, which is as closed as sofware gets. I hope we get more alternatives like MicroG that close the gap.

Apple had a headstart on Google. So Google made a bet on open source to help adoption and accelerate development. That bet paidoff and Android’s market share today is much much larger than Apple’s. But Google has been trying to sabotage Android’s open source root ever since Android won the mobile wars.

Can I get one as a pet?

They forgot to allocate the memory on device and were allocating on the main memory. It must have been a fun moment when they realized it.

Of course. There are legitimate uses of motor vehicles. But there would be fewer of them on the road.


It Microsoft ok with libgen? Any risks of the repo getting taken down?

Here is what this meme is missing: Ukraine has been shelling/bombing Luhansk and Donetsk for years. The previous president Poroshenko even bragged about it. Are those lives not worth anything?

I like Lemmy more than Reddit and mention this to anyone who asks. I don’t have any plans for mass adoption of lemmy.

Not sure why Signal gets all the attention when Matrix is much more successful at spreading open source messaging and is also decentralized.