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Create community and moderate on another instance
Does anyone know if it is possible to create a new community on another lemmy instance using my lemmy.ml account or do I have to necessarily create a new user on the new instance? And if the community is already created, is it possible to add moderators from other instances or do community moderators have to be registered to that instance?

Hello, how do you manager with notification? I can't: neither from the browser (not even enabling them), nor from the two Android applications (Jerboa and Lemmur). Of course, if I open the app or the browser, I see the notifications icon lit up, but without visiting it I can't find out that someone, for example, has answered me. Are there any other methods that escape me? Thanks!

I understand doubts, especially if there is a lot of work to do I think it is right to ask as many questions as possible.

Personally I think of at least two other reasons for changing the instance:

the first is a possible problem with the moderators / admin. For example in case they did questionable operations.

The second concerns me more personally: I opened a community here because there are no Italian instances. It took me a few months to convince people to sign up here, it would be ironic to tell them “no, now re-sign up somewhere else”.

Since in this thread we talked about how to invite people to subscribe and / or how to create more instances for me this is one of the reasons that pushes me not to try.

In the meantime, thanks for the discussion and listening

People are often lazy, especially if I convinced them to join the “xxx instead of reddit” site to follow me. It would definitely be counterproductive to tell them again “ah no now you have to follow me on yyy, not xxx anymore”.

Obviously it is right to consider the work to be done and the right priorities. Personally I love Lemmy, I would be a little sorry to be somehow linked to this instance “forever”, I think the idea of ​​decentralization and faithful universe is a little less.

just my thoughts :)

Yes, on Mastodon there is an “export” and “import” settings for the followers (not for the post): https://docs.joinmastodon.org/user/moving/ and on the old istance remain just a placeholder that redirect on new profile/instances.

I’m glad the idea is of your interest :)

Also this is one of the most important feature (for me) on the fediverse. If an instance “goes bad” it’s good transfer all on other istance. By the way my question was in this topic because i already have 100followers on my community and this is one of the reason can’t open another istance if i can’t import all the followers.

Question: it is possible to “migrate” a community from an instance to another?

oh thank you! I am going mad 😁

Can't use RSS?
Hello everyone! I am trying to add a community RSS to my RSS reader but it always give me error, on any RSS reader! Like this: https://lemmy.ml/feeds/c/asklemmy.xml?sort=Active it can't be added to my RSS reader :( What am I doing wrong? Is there another RSS link? Thanks!