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You’re right, I wanted to open it or post a suggestion in some meta community, but after setting up the filter I totally forgot about that box and ended up never doing it

Agree. I’m currently using an uBlock filter to hide it :)

I’m currently using FlorisBoard on Android (I’ve been using it for the last ~7 days, so not much), and it doesn’t have words correction yet - so yeah, I’m constantly looking up words online (or briefly switching to OpenBoard). If I went back to high school, my English tests would be such a mess…

I can fit an entire medium-to-large sized slice of cake in my mouth using my bare hands without the aid of chopsticks

Anonymous boards can be a pleasing experience. I’ve been active on 4chan during my late teen years (and on 8chan for a few months), the comfort of anonymity and the impossibility to develop bias toward specific online identities help people to express their mind openly and without fear of being judged or having your shit takes stickied on your front head for the rest of you online persona’s life - which is something I’ve always liked about these places. Forming a bond with the board’s hivemind and having a place to vent without the fear of being judged is truly a weird and liberating experience, if it wasn’t for all the trash this setup attracts. The nazis and hyper-libertarian shitting all over the place. I stopped hanging on there for the vitriolic, racist, bigoted posts popping out every two threads, which luckily didn’t radicalize me, they rather had the opposite effect. And also because I was loosing my ability to tell legitimate opinions from overly articulated propaganda ops and well-masked uninformed takes

Every now an then I still have a look at what some anonymous Telegram bots are up to, they’re the only place that offer an anonymous board-like experience and that are moderated. I too wonder what 4chan would be like without the userbase that makes it what it is

Hunter-gatherer before behavioral modernity

This makes me think about that banksy artwork that says you’re allowed to dispose as you wish of any ad you’re shown in public spaces

idk why people say it’s creepy, Dolores’ my best friend during my car trips and loves to listen me rage about traffic

The ability to tag posts (what are called “flairs” on reddit)

Seriously who tf in their right mind decides that posting on lemmy is the perfect place to spam their activity

Took me a while to understand the first part, the racist way to portray white people according to this video is making them look like… some rich kids wearing sunglasses and hyp shirts? Is that the racial stereotype they were trying to convey? lol

I've noticed this mostly from Quentin's posts, but some other people from that instance posted here on and their posts had 0 as score. You can tell it's not because downvotes, otherwise the downvotes count would show up. Is it normal? Is it a bug? Or are OPs removing their "auto-upvote" from their posts on purpose?


Rollerblading. My little brother is very good at it so I decided to learn. Gliding on the street’s concrete is incredibly satisfying, when I started learning a few weeks ago I didn’t expect it to be so fun. I’m progressing slowly, but I’m looking forward my next holidays so I can invest more time to at least feel confident enough to ride alone without fearing to be run over by a car because I couldn’t stop at a crosswalk (seriously why getting used to breaks needs to be this hard ugh)

The yunohost app exists in the official list, but it’s labeled as broken and the docs link return a 404 :(

Hello, I went to weblate a few days ago to translate the new 0.11.0 strings to my native language, and I noticed that Lemmy's weblate was locked because of some issues with merging upstream changes. I came back today, and it's giving me the same alert - since I didn't read anything about it on Lemmy I figured I would ask, is everything ok? Is everyone seeing the same alert? It looks like the administrators have to do something in order to resolve these merge conflicts

[SOLVED] Can't enable scores back
Hello everyone, After this week's 0.11.0 updated, I've disabled posts and comments scores. Today I wanted to enable them back: 1. I went to my profile 2. I enabled the "Show Scores" option 3. I clicked on the "Save" button ...but when I click on the save button, it "spins" forever (the setting is applied) *** # Solved Forget it, I was using the wrong "save" button (the one for password change)