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I wonder if this has a similar effect on older intel HW… would probably help with Vulkan using emulators.

Microblog.pub a minimalist ActivityPub server
Kinda nice that it is also accessible via Gemini it seems.

Yeah, they have a railway system already. I used it a few years ago. Nice sleeper cars with some soviet nostalgia style… but it is really slow even by “slow rail” standards so an upgrade is probably warranted.

Yeah, I hope there is an easy way to also add Steam Bigpicture mode from this launcher. Sadly the KODI plugin for that has problems, but this looks like an excellent replacement for KODI.

Without having been involved too much in the community I would guess it is a factor of two things: a general move towards chat based discussion and that fediverse tools have matured enough that people can dogfood them instead of using an external non-federated forum.

Good to know. Maybe it is possible to store user and community avatars separately from other user uploads to avoid such problems in the future?

Any idea when the broken image problem will be resolved?

Any thoughts on why it has waned? Maybe it would be better to analyze that first?

tl;dr? If you ask questions don’t expect people to first watch lengthy videos.

Maybe https://scuttlebutt.nz/ ?

Cool, but please: where is MUC support ? 😢

Yes there are multiple such projects now with different pro and cons.

It stands on the shoulders of giants by utilizing very nice existing python libraries for these legacy networks.

According to the dev it will be possible to enable pro features on self-hosted instances once the sync server is open-sourced.

Yeah, and they get really offended if you tell them that…

Made this with the Stable Diffusion AI “Pikachu as corgie” was the prompt:

The entire shtick of this is that the server communication of it is e2e encrypted. If you don’t want server syncing why are you even considering this?

Apparently they also plan to open a self-hostable sync server this month.

“This is when I realized Toxoplasmosis might have a stronger neurological effect on humans after all”

Can also sync with a CardDAV server to some extent

Now also working on izzydroid repo for f-droid. Still early days, but at least it seems to run more stable now 😊

Lots of images broken on lemmy.ml?
It is just me, or are there a lot of icons broken on Lemmy.ml since a few days? I also get a lot of time-outs when posting stuff. Some ongoing attack or problems with the hoster?


/c/antiwork has entered the chat

Would you like to know more? 😅

Its actually less flamble than kerosine AFAIK.

I think they are more practical to handle has each powered carriage can move by itself and the smaller engines are probably cheaper to buy and maintain as they don’t differ much from regular truck engines.