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I don’t think the developer considers it ready for non-developer testing yet. But I guess it should not be difficult to build with the Flutter SDK.

Or maybe hers because she just pretends to not get them ;)

This is probably Pleroma based. There is already an official way to integrate accounts with Ejabberd for Pleroma I think.

Its a completely different code-base, no relation to Conversations at all. The screenshots in the readme are quite outdated.

Gajim 1.4.0 released

Massive update!..


Has she tried the latest Monal release? I think there were some improvement for push notifications.

At least Snikket server and the iOS app for Snikket (based on Siskin) have reliable push notifications on iOS for sure.

P.S.: the problem is of course iOS and not XMPP :p

Maybe to prevent even more nukes from starting from a silo?

Windows power-users (usually gamers) are precisely the problem, normal users are perfectly fine with Linux. So this isn’t a counterpoint but a confirmation of the point I am trying to make?

Flutter might be a good option. Maybe best would be if you can contribute to an ongoing effort to write a new XMPP client in Flutter here: https://codeberg.org/moxxy/moxxyv2

The problem is quite similar to Matrix, which also mirrors all chats. Several large Matrix servers were shut down because ever growing databases reached hundreds of gigabytes and it became too expensive to operate.

I think the fediverse has the advantage that it does not depend on an over engineered distributed database like Matrix which makes it much harder to delete old stuff, but it does still limited the size and interconnectivity a ActivityPub server can grow to as well.

Because it often is very accessible already, just that people expect it to work the same way as Windows and assume that means accessibility when it really is just muscle memory from many years of using Windows.

Edit: Arch users are a tiny group… most people that do “arch elitism” actually don’t run vanilla Arch themselves and just do it for the lulz I think… since it has become some sort of meme.

I think the better question would be why people are not willing to switch to better clients? I had the same argument with someone using Pidgin (with OTR sometimes), and it was quite a frustrating exchange because other than “it works, why change?” they didn’t have any reason to keep using it.

JSXC does, but seriously… why would you even want OTR at this point? I am not aware of any real world implementation of OTRv4 and the old OTRv3 that is still somewhat common is just outdated and insecure.

There are some people that push for Ox/Pgp to be implemented in more clients though, but personally I don’t see how that would be an real improvement over either OMEMO or plain old TLS for most people.

Genuine support requests usually don’t get down-voted. There is a bit of an expectation to do basic RTFM though.

What I think you mostly see is that posts from people get down-voted that expect Linux to be just like Windows and consider different behavior or focus to be “bugs”. It’s the typical Windows power-user issue, who expect Linux to be just a better Windows, but it simply isn’t that nor aims to be that.

There is https://wolfballs.com/ as a Lemmy instance that is more right-leaning and you are always free to host your own.

“Centrism” isn’t really a position one can have… what you mean is “in support of the status quo” which is IMHO also right leaning as it is inherently conservative.

The recent influx of Genzedong users definitely lowered the discussion quality here, but beyond those lemmygrad.ml users there is actually quite some ideological diversity in the Lemmyverse. Maybe consider signing up on an instance that does not federate with lemmygrad.ml 🤷

It is not possible to create new communities on another instance, but accounts from other instances can be added as moderators.

I am guessing, but AFAIK reading requires the Mastodon instance you are on to mirror all the content as well. But why those twitter relays are especially bad is not so clear to me either as I never used those.

Try Prosody first. For single or few user instances it uses less RAM. Ejabberd scales better for big instances with thousands of users though.

Hmm, that seems to be something very US specific then. Normally when people say supermajority they mean special provisions that for example 66% of the votes are needed to change the constitution. This of course means that a minority of slightly more than 33% can veto it.

Actual personal budget app is now open source

Seems quite nice, especially that the device sync is e2ee…


Just got a bigger update, starting to look really quite nice! Edit: got it to work on my server. Not quite there yet in terms of functionality, but promising…


Sadly no progress on this so far…


goguma: An IRC client for mobile devices

Works extremely well with the IRCv3 capable Ergo.chat IRC server…


XMPP Providers List

Some of the ranking is a bit questionable, but it is mainly meant for in-app selection…


Likely relevant with the increasing size of the Lemmy federation…