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Li-Ion batteries do charge quickly and have high capacities.

I’m not sure they would survive nearly as long as lead-acid, but I’m sure that they would be way less complicated and dangerous than hydrogen.

I’ve been at multiple businesses that still used electric forklifts from what I’m pretty sure must be the late 80s. I was told that the newer ones they had were pretty similiar models and they all used lead-acid. I guess it’s just more reliable and repairable because of simplicity. Also I’m 100% sure that there are no trucks that run on lead-acid batteries, maybe as a hybrid.

LTS releases (should) get all bugfixes. If you read about some hype vulnerability in the news you can be pretty sure that it is or at least will be fixed.

where the hell did you get “degeneracy” from this?

“Putin saves good christians from degeneracy” is a pretty common right-wing meme.

From my experience: the one who wants the least money.

No hamster for me, building the faraday cage required to operate that securely is just not worth it.

Find should already be installed but depending on how the files are named ls should do.

You probably want to do something similiar to this snippet:

# Create a temporary directory and save it's path
TMPD=$(mktemp -d)

# Extract the archive to that directory
7z x -o$TMPD $1

# Convert the images to PDF
img2pdf $(ls -vd $TMPD/**) -o $2

# Delete the temporary directory
rm $TMPD

doing this on Python or whatever language?

If you’re on Linux or MacOS doing this with a bash script would be the easiest imo, since there is ready-made software for all the steps.

  • Unpacking: unzip, unrar, 7z (the latter can handle many different formats)
  • Sorting the images: find
  • Converting them to pdf: img2pdf, imagemagick

You can even automate the downloading with e.g. wget.

Should be straight forward (just a series of commands and some command substitution for the find part) as long as you don’t have to many images.

On windows you could (probably) do the same with a python script (or maybe powershell idk)

Are email requirement the default for lemmy instances or it is something an operator has to choose?

That can be configured.

Press [F12], that should bring up the developer tools, and select the console tab. Then do the action that fails and see if something gets logged in the mean time.

Free speech doesn’t mean that you owe anyone a platform for their speech. You can make any arbitrary rules on your instance and if somebody doesn’t like them they are free to start their own instance.

Buy a used needle printer and some hearing-protection instead :D

Some people want to live in easier times again, but they fail to realize that people back then wanted so too. At some point in time there probably was a monkey thinking about how much simpler life could be if they’d just live on trees again.

Some tools are easier to learn than others, because of the nature of their design.

Yep, and modern computers are incredibly hard to understand tools, by nature of their design. By trying to hide this complexity from users you are creating more (unnessecary) complexity and through that make it even harder for users to understand how the system works all the while potentially limiting its usefulness. Free software is about enabling users to fully utilize their hardware, not about making them slaves to a software. Linux is the most practical FOSS OS we have and it works on 40 year old principles, like all other major operating systems. We should focus on making the most of it, not on hiding its age.

If you feel something could be solved in a better way you are free to do so or at least find someone to do so. If you are unable to find or comprehend existing documentation, for whatever reason, I’m certain you will find someone willing to help you in no time and free of charge. But don’t complain if your only problem is that you want to stay ignorant.

If a tool was over-engineered and its alternative was perceived as more straightforward by the average user

The problem was that Linux installers are less over-engineered than some people feel they should be.

An English speaking American could very well enrich their life by learning Spanish

The point was, that if they don’t want to learn spanish, then they have no business complaining about being unable to communicate when in spain.

People do know how to learn, they just have different priorities

Then that’s their fault, and not the installers. Tools require at least some knowledge to use them. If someone doesn’t acquire this knowledge they will at best break their tools (which is pretty difficult with computers) or at worst hurt others. The comparison isn’t with “would you learn useless language x” but “would you learn language x if you plan to move to a country where it is the official language”.

I think private schools are ok if they:

  • Have to teach at least the same curriculum as public schools, which has to be audited on their cost
  • The amount of public funding they may be eligible to is limited by the amount of their gross revenue
  • They have to be secular, i.e. no (not even quasi-) mandatory religious classes, events etc.

Sure it is, you use what you like, developers develop what they like, Businesses build what they think their users like etc. It just boils down to different tastes and visions.

a currency like Bitcoin credible as a store of value


without impinging on the privacy of the currency creator

I think you will have a hard time in any jurisdiction if you want to stay anonymous as a creator of such a system without making a loss

or holders

There are schemes that use cryptographic tokens instead of blockchains that can actually provide some anonymity and they don’t even waste that much energy. (e.g. GNU Taler)

It is not really a rant rather than a Benchmark Review

Ah, I must have overlooked that because the benchmark only makes up a small part of the text and because of the title.

Imagine spending your time writing online rants about how terrible FOSS software is instead of helping to improve it. Idk where this entitlement comes from.

My point was that if individuals make up for less emission non-individual actors will automatically make up for more of the total emissions, so the screenshotted post is kind of silly.

I’m sure there will probably be no substantial change (at least in time) if we just let consumers decide, but that doesn’t except them from being responsible for driving around in child-killing, cancer-inducing, environment-destroying and fossil-fuel-wasting private tanks.

I have a bicycle and a train flatrate, never needed a car except for moving where Ihad to rent a small truck anyways.

If every person wouldn’t drive any car, fly, go on cruises and eat meat all corporations would produce 99% of total global emissions -.-

Just use LaTeX.

But idk if that would be of any use if every commit message is “new draft” :D

Are you fascinated when someone using linux writes something positive about Windows? no? because it NEVER happens.

I wonder why :D

Get away from Microsoft? Nope - Proton can never do that, these games still use and depend on DirectX, and if Microsoft wanted to be dicks, they could shut down Proton in a day. Just as they considered with Wine itself years ago, which they still could.

Google vs Oracle?!

Multiple German states failed to upend Windows Os

Umh what? Munich (a single city, not a state) used linux for some time (allegedly) pretty successfully, they switched back to windows because of corruption and microsoft moving their german headquarters to munich.

We try to offer the “Google experience” that by default you never see spam, computer-generated linkfarm content etc.

lol, have they ever used mail, search, youtube or google+?

anticheat […] needs to work

Anticheat is like DRM, it can’t work by design if you own the machine it runs on. It’s just wastes power for nothing, why should anyone spend the effort to get it running?

You spend hours looking for a way to make the game run when on Windows all you’d need to do is hit “play”;

Is this a Linux bug or a shortcoming of the publisher?

Bans me and other valid members for no reason, had no guts to sort this out via DM and decided to ignore me + others…

Something you would never do lol

Do you need DDoS protection? If not don’t get it, most providers are quite shady and most attacks (anecdotal) aren’t super high volume or especially advanced. If your income doesn’t depend on availability you can even just ignore attacks until they find something else to do. I only have experience with european and especially german hosters, idk if that helps depending on where you are from, you might want to find something more local.

Yeah probably, they need less energy to produce. But you need to mix in some fresh material for recycling and they are way worse than all alternatives when not recycled. Ideally everyone would just use their own reusable containers, I guess.

OVH VPS seem pretty expensive¹, but I haven’t heard anything especially bad about them. No idea about alphaVPS.

¹ They are probably virtualized, which would make the prize better but not good

In germany we have glass bottles that are reused, you pay a per bottle deposit (0,08€, non-reusable is 0,25€) and get it back when you bring the bottle back to the market. The market will send the bottle back to the company it came from and they will clean it and reuse it for bottling again if it’s still good.

There is also reuse for plastic bottles, but it is less common, at least everywhere I lived. (reuse is done regionally) Also they can’t be reused as often as glass bottles. One could reuse metal containers, but that isn’t done. I’d guess because they aren’t transparent and so cannot be inspected by bottling systems as easily.

Soft-drinks usually aren’t reusable, because they aren’t distributed locally.

> The list was left accessible on an Elasticsearch cluster that had no password on it. X leaked because of misconfigured elasticsearch is pretty much a meme at this point...

USBGuard: Black- or Whitelist USB Devices
Protect your Linux machine from being plug-and-pwned by malicious USB devices. They have a command line program which allows you to easily write your own scripts for showing notifications, controlling what devices are allowed etc.