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Reference? Crime is different. In the US tax evasion can be considered worse than organized murder. In Europe a lot of people commit a crime of copyright violation. In China it is illegal to mine bitcoin. What you are implying is that 87% of all people are so law abiding they don’t think for themselves.

I would agree with you, except it is possible to export each Joplin note individually as an archive and in bulk, and I simply cannot imagine how it is possible to have markdown + media support without a “lock-in”.

So, the implications of this post are that Mozilla will have google default search engine, and ship with default configuration, rather than LM-specific one, because Ubuntu is moving their package to snap. I was anticipating for more security fixes, but I guess that’s not what this is about. Did I miss anything?

Its not a bug, its a feature. Use the app, it 1) allows you to encrypt those files 2) works on a variety of devices 3) can export PDF/HTML/markdown for you. But if you want to edit the files without the app, you are better off just having a bunch of markdown files in a nextcloud folder, without Joplin.

I don’t fully understand the context of your question. If you use encryption you can only edit files using the app, but it is supported on a variety of platforms including android, Linux and freebsd. In practice - anything where you can use electrons builder (npm run dist). There’s also CLI app.

You can host nextcloud or any other webdav backend, but for collaboration I don’t think the joplin server is quite ready yet, I tried to deploy it a month ago.

If you want to compare, there’s plugin https://github.com/joplin/plugins, I think its the graph one, that allows you to see the knowledge network, to limited extent.

Has latex, HTML, code and mermaid-js (diagrams) support, this is the most convenient note taking app and I’ve been using it for years.

Those people seem toxic: even the most “credible” news sites write lots of biased emptu-worded speculations every day but they will intentionally avoid providing sources to increase the chance readers share their article instead of the primaries. Stop reading privacynews.

RIP popcorntimes, you will be missed.

Ok, so the difference is: (1) option to uninstall windows and get refunded (2) macbooks support windows drivers, and it is possible to install and run windows on them (3) osx is free. Is any of that not the case for pre-installed office365?

Hmm I would think its much harder. So you think the above statement is for someone other than a suspicious prosecutor?

Because it takes some of the responsibility of the big companies from them and gives them to the artist. An artist can then prove ownership, publish and earn money for it (ideally)

By the way, isn’t pre-installing laptops with windows also forcing users? I wonder what the legal difference is of doing so through a proxy as opposed to the office suite situation. Or apple with preinstalled osx?

You’re not the legal audience of this paragraph. Why does that make you worried as a user? a) nft doesn’t encrypt media, its an ownership proof and b) if you cut off copyright holding companies with this you’ll do good for the artists.