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You are assuming certain tap water velocity without any base.

I don’t get the point. Is he wearing pants or not? or is the point that he has to work and therefore he is not doing what he wants? I, don’t get it. Can someone clarify?

Libre and non invasive is really needed. Anonymity can be preserved using matrix E2EE for match communications on antother federated network out of the control of the dating node.

apt is a package manager, not an internet downloader, it uses the sources.list file as places to search a package from. You can include non internet sources like a cd rom or a usb to install packages from there.

Cool! I am so afraid of upgrading but I will!

Translations, donations and actively educating people to use FOSS

8.- ecryptfs (which Debian dropped recently from its repos)

I agree, I stopped creating content for Youtube and now I do it for Peertube, at a price, because my instance is most of the time stopping to reload the videos, so when I share my content, it is not the same experience for people. But still, I love Peertube and the concept is amazing.