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Because briar is much more secure and better.

Not too bad. Just got over covid. Wasn’t a terrible case, so I was mostly just stuck at home, bored. On the brighter side, I was able to set up a nextcloud server.

I’m in my 40’s and have very flexible hips. I just kept them limber.

A 1916(?) Draft amendment to the US Constitution would have fixed this. It would have required that war be put to a vote among the general population and those who voted yes must register for the armed forces.

Fallout 4 currently. GTA 5 sporadically too mostly because my wife finds it hilarious.

From the same people who made it trivial to crack their system passwords in the early 2000’s

We do indeed. My 4 cylinder car has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than Jeff Bezos’ fleet of cars jets and boats.

In Canada the law is that if you are dual citizen and guilty of treason or terrorism they can strip you of your Canadian citizenship, even if you were born, raised and lived your whole life in Canada. The problem arises in the definition of terrorism which was purposefully left vague by the conservative government which passed the legislation.

But the Klingon empire might allow them for a bit longer.

I was banned for saying that a serial rapist should be castrated. Reddit hasn’t been the same since they got bought out. The admins are fascists sympathizers who will look the other way when conservative nut jobs say stuff but knock you down when/if you respond even kind of in turn.

I got permanently banned from Reddit after being on for 10 years for suggesting that rapists be castrated. They are going way too far. That being said, you’re probably going to get a lot of pushback from your views on here.