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didn’t think about that, thanks!

sorry if this sounds harsh

A tip, say ‘I’ statements instead of ‘you’ statements

Cloud notepad besides standardnotes?
Standardnotes has been lagging on my phone for the past 2 months. Just factory reset my phone and it still takes a long time to open the app and individual notes. I want a notepad for text that can sync online that i can access from my computer and phone

What's your hot takes on when should abortion be NOT allowed?
iirc it takes 9 months to birth a human on average. So someone could say abortion should be allowed at 8.9 month and someone can also say just 1 week. I'm waiting for someone to say abortion should be allowed at 8.9 months cause i want to hear the reasoning. **Here's my hot take**: (ib4 ban) we should develop tech like artificial uteruses and just move unwanted baby/fetus/idk-the-terminology into these instead BUT we should also have a comprehensive social welfare program to raise ALL children/humans, and not conservative welfare where it's like 1 mother figure taking care of 6 children with food stamps. Given what i know about 2022 technology: if conservatives gave a hoot about child/fetus welfare, they're have comprehensive social welfare programs, which would reduce the number of abortions bc at least the mother figure won't be #rekt financially by have 6 kids.

Any suggestions for what material I should start with?

Ended up cutting the inner seams shorters in a bathroom and stuffing my one pocket with my phone and wallet, which gave me enough space.

Best pants to wear for going commando?
For males, but females free free time chime in too. As a male, jeans are too rough for me. Sweat pants - havent tried in public, would be a bit concerned about getting a random boners since weak material. So far, since it's summer now, it has definitely helped with not being as sweaty. Low key, if i was mentally tougher i'd wear a skirt.

tldr: as a male leftist working in this area, i am not sure if this group would be able to gain the necessary knowledge about patriarchy, sexual violence, abusive behavior, and other aspects of “toxic” masculinity.

It sounds like we agree that leftist men need a lot of work in this area. maybe that could be what a movement solely could be based around

I’m not sure what the point would be, or what the exact plan is.

Same, but just spit balling. If the men’s right movement was absorbed into a leftwing movement, that would help boost our left causes

resolve the paradox (whether apparent or real) of the “feminist man”.

do you have thoughts on how to do this? Or like what i’d look like?

complaining that can go nowhere

you just described 50% of what i’ve seen on the ‘men gone their own way’ sub

Men’s Liberation subreddit

my biggest criticism of that subreddit is it’s basically all like scholars posting hoty-toty articles. Whereas like the ‘men gone their own way’ subreddit are like 50% dudes who were just dumped yesterday and are ranting hard. We could do with a men’s liberation that doesn’t automatically (via automod) remove posts by some dude who is just here to rant about his break up, but as long as the rant isn’t misogynstic.

I didn’t word this the best, and their automod is a bit different than that, but i think you get my drift

as a long long term strategy i agree. In the short run however, i think we need something to help disarm the men’s right activists

Hope this doesn’t disappoint, but if someone rebranded ‘All lives matter’ to absorb like trump supporters into basically being blm, that sounds only beneficial

I'm at work and my pants suddenly started sacking me. Help?
With every footstep I take, the like groin seam thing is hitting the boys slightly, which wasn't a problem initially but now I'm having a pretty bad time right now. Cant go home to change pants. I wear these pants everyday and it's never been a problem. Any emergency fixes I could do right now? Why is this happening?

Looking for an online offline calendar that can sync
Someone told me to use proton calendar, and I have been. It doesn't work offline. Like when I'm offline, I can't add new events. I would like it if I could add new events, and then when it got connection, it would sync. I think I tried tutanota a few months ago, can't remember what happened but it didn't have what I was looking for.

Would you be opposed to a leftwing men's movement?
Not the right wing "men's right" thing. Some kind of left version, that would fundamentally be a feminist movement but with different branding. Different branding would be necessary to absorb a bunch of men into it.

Fuck Cars matrix chat room
Can we get this listed in the sidebar and in the matrix room, we'll list this lemmy?

Mozilla's common voice project on fdroid Instead of playing Candy crush saga in an elevator, contribute to the collective good of your fellow human

Able to tag people sometimes but not other times. Why?
I was unable to @yogthos in 1 comment, but i went to another thread and was able to tag him. Both from lemmy.perthchat.org. Why?

Have you heard about the Tyre Extinguishers? Deflates tyres in urban areas
It's a #directAction #activism initiative that deflates SUV tyres in urban areas and has upset some motorists. from https://mastodon.nz/@pezmico/108253095144109751 dear fbi, i'm posting this so lemmings know what terrorists to avoid --- Here's a copypasta so y'all don't have to click the link and join me [and angela merkel on the nsa target list](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_people_under_surveillance_by_Anglospheric_intelligence_agencies). Locate an SUV. In towns and cities, you won’t have to walk far to find one. Target posh / middle-class areas. Unscrew the cap on the tire valve. This is usually very easy to find on the wheel. Usually, you turn the cap to the left to unscrew it, right to tighten it. Remember: righty-tighty, lefty-loosey. To get the air out of the tyre, there must be something pushing down on the pin located in the center of the valve. Drop a small bean (we like green lentils, but you can experiment with couscous, bits of gravel, etc) inside the valve cap. Replace the cap, screwing it on with a few turns until you hear air hissing out. Even if it’s only hissing out a little bit, that’s enough - it will deflate slowly. The whole process should take about 10 seconds. Print this leaflet (at home, in an internet cafe, at the library, wherever) and leave it under the windscreen wipers, so that the owner is aware that the car is unusable and gets an explanation as to why this has been done. When you’re done, anonymously let the local press know what you’ve done, where you’ve done it and why. You can use a free secure email service like Protonmail or Tutanota. Send a report to tyreextinguishers@riseup.net so we can keep track! Tell us roughly where it happened and how many SUVs you have disarmed. Join the Telegram group for updates. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Here’s a video demonstration. Other tips: If you like, practice on a bicycle tyre first. Work under cover of darkness. Bring some friends. Split into pairs to avoid conspicuously large groups. Hybrids and electric cars are fair game. We cannot electrify our way out of the climate crisis - there are not enough rare earth metals to replace everyone’s car and the mining of these metals causes suffering. Plus, the danger to other road users still stands, as does the air pollution (PM 2.5 pollution is still produced from tyres and brake pads). Avoid: Cars clearly used for people with disabilities, traders’ cars (even if they’re large), minibuses and normal-sized cars.

Updated standard notes (android) recently - very slow and fails to load now. Anyone else? Fixes?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.perthchat.org/post/26169 > From fdroid. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. It was fine before this. > > Tried restarting my device. > > Is there a way I can downgrade to an earlier version of standard notes?

Sustainability of peertube long term?
Creators who upload frequently can't use a non self hosted instance for long, because most of the instance have like 5 gb limits. It's pretty easy to upload over 5 gb of footage. What do creators have to do if they're not making enough/any revenue but want to upload more than 5 gb of content?