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Sort of? They will soon realize that things are different in here, but if we want to grow the community, we have to accept new users, in one way indiscriminately.

This, one instance wont be able to handle a massive amount of daily users, but the fediverse is designed with ahem… federation in mind.

Mastodon dot social is an example of when there is an over centralized instance, but lemmy ml, although centralizing it’s still relatively small.

I am among those people who think stalin wasn’t a hero, mao a genocide, and modern russia and china are oligarchies and dictatorships.

Some community members might disagree with me, but so far it’s been in a respectful way.

It’ll take at least one year in order to see some cheap android phones with this latest version…

Elementary is infamously known for its buggy releases, although i don’t condone the excessive hate towards the devs, i can understand why the distro has such a reputation.

And it turns out that in this release there are some annoying bugs as well…

I don’t think it would affect america’s technological presence in Russia, like in China, people resort to piracy in order to use Windows.

Using ARM is swiming with the Sharks, at least they are actually investing in RISC-V

Not really powerfull, the Raspberry Pi 4 would be more powerfull.

I feel they have to invest into an open source ISA if they want to avoid any bans from USA.

Guix is cool, anything that is written on common lisp/scheme is cool.

Politically i dislike systemd, it just gives Red Hat too much control over GNU/Linux.

But functionally, systemd is an amazing… linux framework, let’s say, and as an operative system that rules over the supercomputer market and the server market, you need that. GNU/Linux has to be the most advanced operative system on earth since it operates on the most advanced fields. So it’s just natural that Red Hat wanted such thing.

"they have been threatening an anti-CCP Chinese software developer over his life with threats such as “deporting you to China”

This is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

Maybe it’s not a mistake… remember, when windows developers find a bug, they first report it to the american agencies before patching it.

This definetly happened somewere somehow.

Your argument is based on the premise of philantropy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Same thing goes for google on Linux, they have fucsia right?

Well it might sound petty, but good 3D effects and smoothness is what makes Iphone devices so popular. I think having fluid GTK apps is important. Mi point is not “we must have gaming GPU’s on GNU/Linux phones”, my point is “we need AMD on the mobile market since they provide really decent drivers”.

Honestly, i wouldn’t say that people are switching away from XMPP in favor of Matrix… because i think most FLOSS projects never switched from IRC to XMPP to begin with, i don’t have proofs, but i don’t have any doubts, i assume that most projects switched from IRC to Matrix because XMPP was never an option to begin with.

I use Android as everyone does and some of my family members use Iphones, i pretty much can say that that mobile GNU/Linux will pobably have more severe bugs and a worse UI desing at the beggining, because all the first versions of all products have rough corners. I wouldn’t use mobile GNU/Linux for the current quality, but for privacy and freedom reasons.

Well GTK4 pretty much does what QT does and with Libadwaita you can make your traditional desktop app a mobile ready one, so honestly i would go on that direction. But QT seems to be another good option. Now making brand new mobile apps would take more time than adapting already existent ones.

I don’t think i have seen a real problem with the Matrix protocol, it works nicely for me, many open source projects are opting to use Matrix instead of XMPP, in that sense, it’s not about which community is more vocal, Matrix is just being seen as an ideal replacement for Discord and IRC at the same time.

I mean, XMPP is not a bad idea, having that said, there’s a thriving community of matrix users.

I see no reasons to keep using IRC, it’s not as safe or private as Matrix or XMPP is.

So i have not bought a GNU/Linux phone for several reasons, one of which is that neither the ecosystem nor the devices themselves seem to be mature enough to have a stable experience. …