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becomes unnecessarily energy-intensive the rest of the day

you can close the website anytime you want, and set the battery optimisation for the browser exactly as any other apps.

self hosting is the only way you can guarantee speed. Public instances serve many people. There’s only so much they can handle.

Does libreoffice have an auto update feature yet? I am using scoop to update libreoffice in Windows, but it complains sometimes.

I generally try it with snapdrop first but if for some reason it isn’t working, I use one of the firefox send instance.

there’s also file.pizza which I never got working.

I think lots of open source software is created for exposure, to make more connections, get more contributions, probably job offers before burnout sets in. Unless someone is really principled about FOSS and has enough funding, they’ll not go out of the way to make themselves harder to be found.

How hard is it to implement such a feature?

very hard, since it’s not a coding problem but a data problem. Translators need a lot of data to be useful that mostly isn’t available for free. Mozilla is working on it for their browser but i’m not sure how good it is.


Because money? Currently it’s not a small feat to achieve and people/companies want to be compensated and make profit off of it.

Open source hardware projects rely heavily on grants and donations for which most people are hesitant.

So you created an API using OpenWeatherMap API? what’s the benefit of using this over the OWM API?

I don’t personally use Google DNS, was using a google cloud instance and couldn’t resolve some .ml domains. Then I tried lemmy and it didn’t work as well.

I assume it’s a problem with the domain registrar (freenom). they aren’t the best at handling domains properly.

is Lemmy.ml domain loading for you on Google DNS?
Asking if other lemmy.ml users are facing similar issues? it seems domains registered on freenom (.ml/.tk) are not being resolved with Google DNS. It works fine on other DNS (Cloudflare/Quad9/etc) NSLOOKUP results: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/ac4d1ed3-cbe8-4e5f-b31d-b10d0d118e0d.png)
is Lemmy.ml domain loading for you on Google DNS?


-create an walled ecosystems

-make developers pay an pricey subscription fee to publish app on their app store

-disallow alternate appstore

-extend review time for open source software as a security review (especially for security updates)

-people will then lose trust in open source software


Take a look at Duplicati, it can encrypt your files before upload and sync works pretty well

I use Neovim, LiteXL, and VS Codium depending on the project size and needs. no one tool suits all.

Any good open-source self-hosted alternative to gleam io and the likes?

the github link is broken and goes to lemmy 404.

well, what do you expect from people who couldn’t even stop public registrations during an ‘invite-only’ phase?

Maybe Teams would consume 2x less memory because they already shove Edge on all Windows users?

small communities connected with fediverse are better than huge single community imo.

when it gets large, more server resource is needed, admins need to pay more money. Ads may be introduced because no one really donates. And all the toxicity.

that was a good read. But when the discussions start, all we’re left is pointing fingers in the other direction.

Automobil points to Aviation, Aviation points to cruise ships. Government points manufacturers, manufacturers point to consumer demands. ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ

As always people are left with the consequence and very small percentage care enough to make changes to their lifestyle to help the environment.

this takes me back to when there were many preferences you could disable to speed up firefox. like animation, initial paint delay, http network pipeline, and such.

I wonder if there’s an updated list?

Hybrid is the way to go until we can be figure out better battery tech

have been using workrave. switched briefly to strechly but electron app for a simple break was too much. will check this out.


it would be nice but that would also drive in a lot of spam.

this sounds cool. I remember they had a google drive shared with new music added regularly. the notifications got too much and I removed myself from the share. haha

i’m not sure if it’s only me but it’s very slow compared to how it was before.