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Ug. This is slightly undesirable.
Saved only by the value gained from radically open accessibleness.
A society that is gridlocked based on privacy can leave alot of people out in the cold.
Very little progress has been done to create inclusive private spaces.

Hypocritcal to the max

Jeroba wasn’t usable when i first tried it. but it has improved alot.

its not wasted if you learn something


is going to a coffeshop an option?

5G adoption now. new energy solutions, and robotics soon.
some new treatment options for certain common diseases and covid conditions.
computing power probably continues to improve every year.

5G adoption now. new energy solutions, and robotics soon. some new treatment options for certain common diseases and covid conditions. computing power probably continues to improve every year.

Here we are
pandemic WW3 work

I sit on a distant park bench until 4 minutes before bus is scheduled to arrive. Its very nice and peaceful.
Until nimbys chase you away with their pitchforks.

Mods ban or remove anything that doesnt agree with their worldview

Anytime people get a surprise bill, it’s gambler mentality too .
“I lost this time, but i dont expect to lose again!”

if contributions arent being used efficiently . Or there’s not transparency. Or if fluid charitable value is of the wrong form or should be non-fluid. Fluid being… money or time. Non-fluid being… direct effort to achieve goals with overall reliable success.
I am not necessarily talking about ethics.

what are firefox setting that often breaks websites?
frequently, users configure their about:config for privacy or minimalism settings such as disabling dom storage can cause websites to stop working. what are some common or uncommon about:config settings that can be toggled to fix a website if it is acting dysfunctional?

Cleanbay torrent metasearch engine

ionice manpage
prioritize disk performance for commands that involve files.

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