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you could share the burden of curation by posting top picks on social media. that’s my idea for a collective approach.

anyone who isn’t heavily offended by leftist posters is welcome to join

depends on if the post is:

  1. important
  2. good

3) unrelated

add it to the THICC’tionary

the post is dated 2017. maybe there were more difficulties at that time.

no special reason.
i think i want to stick with gentoo but also want to have a virtual environment to mess around in.
hardened openbsd is another option but linux probably has more packages.

i am now considering running this in qemu.
thanks for the tip!

twitter has more radicals than every other site combined. which is weird because it’s corporatized as fuck.

that’s old school.

i can’t do video games anymore.
it wastes too much of my time.
sometimes it’s alright fro me to do a few weekend marathons per year.
hopefully they exercise problem solving areas in the brain too.

or just delete communities with low or no users, no posts, and the admin has been dormant ever since creation.

i’m sure you could fork the source code and adapt it to lemmy :)
saidit did this and it looks like it would be simple.

recently i have been able to survive with ease in a bare terminal environment for an extended period of time.
browsing using lynx is not that bad. although i feel like these tui browsers could be designed in a more modern way that shifts away from simplicity and adds some simple useful features and is conscious of practical need of a serious user.
browsing is like detox for a short time until your brain gets re-calibrated to reading text carefully.
after a while… you eventually hit a monster problem that requires maximum resources. and then it seems like the intuitive point and click tab whack-a-mole is superior when wading through bullshit mazes of links. i plan on going back to the bare terminal.
to do that i will benefit immensely from:

  • better scripting skills and competency (such as bash)
  • practice or mastery of tmux to an intermediate level
  • really need more advanced search tools than is commonly available. probably build my own search engine (and maybe crawler).
  • some more familiarity of lynx would be nice. i know it grows with with time.

it’s workable today. i hope that the workflow can be streamlined to the point that i almost never have to use xorg. (not for political reasons… just because the terminal does average out to be equivalently productive to desktop applications, with the benefit of being lighter,faster,scriptable, and less distracting.)

ionice manpage

prioritize disk performance for commands that involve files…

what do i think and hope will happen?
i think it will be it’s own community. and i hope that it will continue to do this. long term goals? maybe get more cool people onboard.
continue enjoying all the great lemmy software.

yes. and maybe with a strong empasis on the “ask” element.
advice sounds too fancy. “ask” sounds more casual but it’s essentially just casual advice.

“how” and “why” questions don’t really seem like advice but they could be included. edit: i am asuming the distinction is between advice styled ask questions AND random discussions on things. example

/c/advice is like this.
they could make a quick swap of icon and it would be better.
remove the person because that resembles ego.
it’s not about ego. it’s about communication.
glad you made that point.

Contents VPNs…


Look before you paste from a website to terminal

Malicious code’s color is set to that of the background, it’s font size is set to 0, it is moved away from rest of the code and it is made un-selectable…

The Faraday cage (or shield), named after Michael Faraday, is a device that is used to protect from electromagnetic radiation. A Faraday cage may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or a mesh of such materials. This creates a shielding effect for any item inside the cage and p…