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The question is whether is this is actual maple syrup or table syrup or whatever it’s called?

What does “revoking of license” mean in this context for Truth Social

Mastodon is AGPLV3 so doesn’t that mean the folks who own “Truth Social” are legally obliged to share their source code?

For me it’s how explicitly for-profit it has become. This manifests in a lot of things like:

  • rampant advertisements
  • dark patterns to get the users hooked
  • you literally cannot use the mobile site because it nudges you to install the app at all times
  • new UI is garbage
  • misinformation is freely allowed to fester to not drive down revenue

It has pretty much become like Facebook and it really sucks.

I think hetzner is European. I know they have datacenters for cloud machines in Helsinki, Nuremberg ane one other European city. Don’t know about Feral.

Under seedboxes section it lists hetzner and feral hosting. I was under the impression if you used their servers to pirate you’d get DMCA’d. Am I wrong?

First of all, that estimate ranges from several hundred to several thousand. Doesn’t that seem odd.

Secondly, I would like people who actively point fingers at this massacre to paint a more tangible picture of the events that happened. Who were the protestors and what were they protesting against? Who were they allied with and what means did they use to try and achieve their goals? Why should those condemning this massacre (in which no one died in the Square itself) just throw the eight words of “but what about the Tiananmen Square massacre”, along with a Wikipedia page that is filled from top to bottom with western sources and be absolved from having to support their position?

Can you tell me what happened in what you call the Tiananmen Square massacre?

The base image is Ubuntu. That’s the biggest reason.

I think not removing it fine but that is just my opinion. One thing that can be done is remove words that cause issues in non-English languages.

My opinion about the filter is a bit idealistic because it does keep a certain kind of people of the platform but it would hinder adoption. You should just ponder over it every three or six months with the other dev.

Oh ok. I was worried for a second that the entirely of the filter was being moved to an external configuration.

Also I literally just now ran into this issue. If I try to go to https://lemmy.ml/inbox I get a 502 gateway error. But it works fine if I first go to https://lemmy.ml and click on the notification bell. Do you know anything about this? Let me know if you want me to create an issue for this.

externalized slur filter

What does this mean?

I went to the “flagship” lenny instance when this fork was created and (you are not gonna believe this) a large majority of the comments were flaunting not being censored by the now-removed slur filter.

At my workplace, to record system metrics, we use an in-house service written in Python 2. It is run from within a Docker container, the size of which is about 500MB.

Not really relevant to the article but just wanted to vent about it. Sorry.

Hmm. I would appreciate if you could send it to me. If you can DM me what international shipping services exist in your country that are close to you, I can calculate the shipping costs and let you know if we can proceed. But regardless thanks for the consideration.