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Why you think there wouldn’t be linux (kernel) upgrades? Are there tweaks not getting upstream? It seems their SW is FOSS, so they could contribute back if they want (though contributing to linux is not as easy, hehe)… And for the distro, besides linux support for the HW, it seems like a really polished plasma mobile (at least both jingos and cutefishos desktops seem Qt based). And plasma mobile on top of manjaro is what pine64 chose for its phone, and I guess tablets. So it seems one might be able to move somewhere else, as long as there’s linux support for its HW.

Though I’m betting more on pine64 to be honest, :)

How to take over (mod) a community
When it seems the modrator/owner of a community is not responding, how to take the community over?

I’m wondering what happened to lrnpg, :( It used to be my preferred printers spooler. At some point genius people on GTK+ decided they would only support cups on GTK applications buttons, and there was no way to print anything from GTK GUIs anymore. I’m not sure if that changed or not, neither if Qt people followed (they end up following on everything, except on CSD, which is what I miss the most from Qt GUIs). There were several great scripts to make lprng great, and it wasn’t ever as bloated as cups… Ohh well, I was forced to use cups…

Well, for web frameworks, there’s also Flutter. I believe Flutter might be closer to native than Tauri, but to be honest, I’m not using any app based on them…

Weird that teams, which is not open source is commented here. Granted Electron is (though the major development comes from Chrome, which is not), but ditching Electron is a good thing on any platform, given its poor performance and resources handling, :) And as mentioned by @jokeyrhyme@lemmy.ml, it’s ironic it’s been replaced by some form of Edge, :)


[rtorrent] how to get magnet links into watch, without converting to torrent
Hello, on rtorrent watch directories are great, with them you can move downloaded stuff from one directory to another, once the download is complete. However, when you introduce magnet links though the NCI, then I haven't found a way to get the stuff monitored and acted upon downloads completion. I guess only "watched" stuff can be monitored and acted upon... Torrent files can be watched easily by placing the torrents under the watch directories. However I don't know how to do that with magnet links, unless of course converting them into torrent files and then placing them into the watch directories. Furthermore, the same apply to torrent files, which URLs are provided through the NCI, without downloading the torrents into the watch directories, since nothing introduced through the NCI seems to be monitored. So I would extend the question on how to "watch" stuff introduced through the NCI. I'm using NCI for "ncurses interface", to make it shorter, :) Thanks !

I won’t comment about kde neon, however, it’s weird that the reference mentions koffice, when calligra is the kde office suite, which is pretty fast compare to libreoffice for example, and can open pretty similar m$ files, though it can’t write them… And korganizer has let me down, not allowing syncing remote ics/ical web calendars, so far. Even icsdroid handles them, but korganizer after all these years being there hasn’t. There are bugs about it (eg. 428665), but it seems there’s total lack of interest getting them fixed…

Yeap, I’ve used both, Thanks. The thing is that they seemed not to work at some point, even when refreshing… But it’s working fine now, it seems, :)

It was sort of weird, I did that on the the front page and seemed to work, then move to my subscriptions and stopped working. Same when moving to settings to review, and going back to front page, etc… It seems to be working now though… Hopefully I just keep reloading when losing the theme again, and that’ll be it, :) Thanks !

The theme (darkly or the web browser one) are not respected), and web looks horribly white, :(

Had to use “dark reader” extension… I’m using librewolf 92.01, but this hadn’t happened before, :(

Question, while not paired with any computer, does the andorid app consumes too much batter trying to find devices to pair with?

Is divested related to divestos? Their logos seem similar, if not the same, :)…

Not sure if relevant to your question, since I myself has asked something similar in the past for divestos, since they develop Mull:



Which is pretty highly regarded, and currently available on f-droid…

Well, I also use LXQt + KWin, and it still uses less resources than plasma. The only thing that bothers me is the amount of dependencies imposed by KDE people on everything. Although I don’t use plasma, I need plasma-desktop installed in order to KWin to be properly configured. That said, I’ve tried several WM + compositor combinations (even compiz) with LXQt, and by far KWin is the best fit I’ve found, :)

Plasma does feel more integrated, but the amount of daemons and process running in the background plus dependencies is just crazy, hehe

Based on qt-webengine, which in turn depends on blink (meaning the chromium/chrome web engine). I hope there will be a non blink based librewolf like gnu+linux mobile browser. I know it would be way too much to ask it to be a Qt/QML based, since there would be a ton of work to make gecko work as a stand alone web engine, separate from the browser gui, but that would be ideal, :)

But it’s great to see native alternatives for gnu+linux phones.

plasma mobile looks pretty nice, and pine 64 recently selected manjaro as default distro and plasma mobile as default graphics shell… Qt then looks like a pretty good alternative.

Yes, you described it correctly. I’ll take a look at Picard. Thanks !

hot to move old ogg metadata gotten from freedb to musicbrainz
Hi ! Perhaps someone can let me know how to move the ogg metadata for a bunch of ogg files, gotten from ripping several CDs, but using freedb gathered metadata, to musicbrainz gathered metadata. The thing is that I found several mistaken metadata (I haven't even looked at all of it), and ripping CDs take quite a while, as to think of re-ripping that. BTW, I understand musicbrainz also add composer to the metadata, which is by far pretty useful, since most of the CDs I ripped are classical music CDs... Hopefully a recursive command line tool can be used (going one ogg at a time can take forever)... Thanks !

this clarifies further: https://www.theregister.com/2021/04/29/stealthy_linux_backdoor_malware_spotted yeah, I was looking for what piece of SW was offering the backdoor, and if there was any attempt to remove it. It seems systemd is where the backdoor is placed, but it’s not a systemd’s vulnerability, but rather where the backdoor gets instanced. I’m still wondering how to prevent that backdoor getting instanced in the 1st place, and how come systemd was the target and not anything else like linux itself, wouldn’t that reflect some weakness, like being easier to place backdoor there, than any other piece of SW?

Any more info on this one? Is this actually a linux (the kernel) vulnerability, or in other components of a GNU+Linux system, like encryption algorithms, or perhaps systemd… The files shown as infected are almost all systemd and one gvfsd, but I can’t figure what one can wait to be patched for example

reddit discussion: https://teddit.net/r/hacking/comments/my978j/airdrop_bugs_expose_apple_users_email_addresses

What roles should element.io group member have in order to be able to start calls (video and/or voice)?
I noticed only group admins on element.io can start video/voice group calls, and then I look on the group settings to find out which role is the one granting permissions to start such calls, but none of the roles seem to correspond to that. The roles I see: * Default * Send messages * Invite users * Change settings * Kick users * Ban users * Remove messages sent by others * Notify everyone * Change room avatar * Change main address for the room * Change history visibility * Change room name * Change permissions * Send m.room.server_acl events * Upgrade the room * Change topic Those are all I see. At least to me, none of those roles seem to define who can start group calls. Can anyone please indicate which role is the one allowing starting group calls, so I can modify who can do that? Thanks !
What roles should element.io group member have in order to be able to start calls (video and/or voice)?

Any GNU/Linux rolling release distro as vanilla as possible, and easy for non tech individuals used to ms-windows?
I'm looking for something my sister can use, but I don't want her to face trouble when needing to change major releases, like debian or ubuntu do. So I'm thinking a rolling release distro could be of great help for this. Being as vanilla as possible is a nice to have. Ideally, she shouldn't be dealing with config files though. So even though Arch or some derivatives like Manjaro would fit, they require users to investigate for the proper configurations and such, and as mentioned, she's a non tech person. If there would be something Arch based, but having safe configs by default, and pretty much requiring to keep updating the SW often, that sounds fine, but I'm not aware of any. Having a graphical SW updater/upgrader should be required as well... It shouldn't matter much, but I believe KDE would be the best DE option for her, offering what she might need to feel like windows. I was thinking of KDE Neon, but I'm not sure how ubuntu major releases are handled, neither how it is for a non tech person to go and add SW, not officially covered by KDE repos, neither if its "plasma discover", or its upgrade on the air tool works for other things, rather than just KDE stuff upgrades... Maybe kubuntu might as well be an option, but major upgrades might be as user involved as the ubuntu ones... If you're wondering, I'm using Artix, and I 've used for quite some time before, Arch, Debian (unstable) and SourceMage. I'm honestly not familiar with something that might help my sister move from windows. She once told me someone helped her try ubuntu, but she didn't feel comfortable with it... Any suggestions are welcome.

Something else in the same https://infinitysearch.co/about:

Our service is funded by non-tracking advertisements, affiliate links, a pro version (in development), Coil members (they view no ads), and our search results API.

Which is also mentioned here, https://infinitysearch.co/why. Perhaps it will last longer than Searx, given its funding mechanisms, however I don’t really like advertisements, neither the existence of 2 versions for users, which might require more differentiation in the future. But definitely worth taking into account. For now I’m settling with Searx as mentioned. Thanks for the pointer.

Actually according to https://infinitysearch.co/about:

When you search on our site, we take results from other search engines and our own indexes, organize them, and display them directly to you without logging any identifiable information about you.

So it does some meta searching as well, like what Searx does. So I’m not sure why it was mentioned it wasn’t a metasearch engine, it looks it is, but with some indexes of its own. BTW, I always thought duckduckgo was a pure engine, and it does as well some meta searching through bing. On the other hand, it looks like a company behind it, is based on USA, whereas Searx has several instances out of USA, and you can still hos it yourself. One good thing about Searx, is that it allows you to add search engines beyond google, bing, duckduckgo and others, including some like nyaa, so it adds more to the searches to what google and others provide… Though infinitysearch looks more polished and provides a dark theme, which searx is urgently needing, :).

As I can’t host it myself, I’ve been exploring the searx.info instance…