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he was thinking of women as sexual objects, educate yourself

How can one educate themselves about other people’s thoughts?

Good advice. I’d add a recruiter to coach you for free only that you can dump them later.

Also LinkedIn and Xing are huge in non US countries.

Went to a recruiter, had them offer 5 jobs, did 3 interviews and took the 6th job at a friend’s company.

Put keywords in your CV, let recruiters help you brush it up. IT skills are in insane demand worldwide right now.

I don’t really get that. The Unity desktop experience can be replicated very well with both KDE and Gnome nowadays, so what does Unity offer apart from hemorrhaging developer resources?

The article answers none of the question I have after reading the title, as always.

also I suggest that both of you stop arguing, because it is not going anywhere. Just accept that you disagree, and ignore each other.

Good idea, sorry.

I never said they weren’t both my accounts. Stop seeing nazi ghosts and fuck off, please.

This user is operating with 2 accounts, @helix@lemmy.ml and @Helix@feddit.de

Thanks for reminding me. That’s clearly to throw you off and dogwhistle some more. It’s not because all lemmies look the same and this federation thing is a bit confusing sometimes.

You call other people racist, which in my book is a serious crime, and then cry about when they tell you to fuck off? What are you, 12? Or have you simply never grown up?

Stop causing drama and stop trolling me. The new ignore feature will be live in a few weeks and I can’t wait to test it on you.

I don’t even know what a “12yo p*jeet ROM” is. After a short research I found out it’s a derogatory term for people shitting in the street, who in my understanding probably don’t even have the means to create ROMs as they don’t have access to more basic infrastructure needed to piece them together. Your allegation doesn’t even make any sense.

Since you’ll be the one supporting it, use the same distribution you already know, which is Manjaro. Install some kind of remote access so you can help (with consent!) with issues. This practice is called dogfooding in IT management.

Consider Minetest as a Free alternative to Minecraft.

Funny to see that they got banned after a few hours for being an alt-right memelord. I guess this platform wasn’t what they were looking for after all…

It may help to get thoughts out of your mind.

Journaling helped me immensely with sorting my thoughts. I’ve been doing it for about six years now. It started as a journal for work where I jotted down interactions with coworkers and general notes about work, then I did the same for my private life and the more I journal, the less I have racing thoughts in bed or think about work in my free time.

When I started I’d never have thought it would work so well. Several of my friends I recommended this to have also told me it helped them.

annoying thoughts race through my mind for hours

Have you tried writing them down in a journal?

This is some great advice, @gwynne0190@lemmy.ml!

I’d add using a journal besides your bed when you think about things in circles, just write them down and get them out of your head.

Yes, but just because you did it first doesn’t mean you did it best :)

F.lux is proprietary and I wanted to suggest alternatives, not say f.lux was bad software.

set an alarm clock to the time you want to wake up at. Leave the bed then. You’ll feel like shit for a week and then you’ll be sleepy in the evenings.

if you do all or most of this and still have problems, shoot me a quick message with what you already did and which problems exactly you still have and I’ll elaborate with more concrete tips. I have a German wiki page on this I can translate (and extend) then.

installing blue-colour filter apps on your phone/desktop etc like f.lux

Windows, macOS and Gnome, KDE and other desktop environments on Linux already have night mode baked in. I recommend redshift for all other Linux environments and Red Moon off F-Droid on Android.

Do they get the complete core designs including what transistor does what?

Depends on how large the customer is and/or how much they pay. They can also do 3D X-ray scanning to compare the layout provided with what is actually delivered. X-ray-ing stuff and closely monitoring manufacturing including cryptographically signed layouts for wafer production is pretty common in the militaries and other highly sensitive areas.

See also: https://spectrum.ieee.org/the-hunt-for-the-kill-switch / https://www.nature.com/articles/nature21698 / https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardware_backdoor

giving it to youtube or other corporations

You don’t have to give it to YouTube. You can give it to a content creator who uploads on YouTube. Sure, the content will be on YouTube and they may add additional ads, although I think content creators have an option to block ads.

We can crowdfund actual advertisements/partnerships. I’d much rather see a Lemmy commercial than a NørdVPN or RAIÐ $hadovv Legendş commercial.

It is worth noting that some important features are still missing in Lemmy, particularly mod tools (we are going to implement them in the next ~12 months). There also aren’t many different instances yet.

Do that first, though. We don’t want a flood of spammers and disappointed users because the mods/admins can’t do jack shit about it.

ARM is still British though, no doubt still with backdoors.

The ARM architecture has many implementations and can be scanned for backdoors when creating your own silicon. You just implied the Russians are too stupid to figure that out themselves.

RISC-V may be our only hope

I also hope for more RISC-V devices, but until they arrive on the market, ARM architecture is a good counterpoint to the x86 monopolies.

I could list you lots of bugs I’d like to have fixed, but that wouldn’t help you when you can’t fix them.

You may start with the programming languages you know and with the Open Source applications you use in your day to day life.

What do you do when you don’t write software? What kind of software interests you the most?

There are also a few platforms out there allowing money to be made from contributions, called bug bounties. Bountysource may be the most popular, rysolv is an alternative.

I quite like elementary OS and I have installed it for several non-technical people who are happy with it. I wouldn’t use it myself because it’s not what I want from Linux. I use Arch, btw.

At one point elementary OS developers liked to tell people they’re “cheating the system” for not paying for their OS. This didn’t really resonate well with the community, just like the time Ubuntu included Amazon tracking into their search function by default.

They also continue to think they’re the bestest designers and most important people in online discussions, while not improving much upstream, but instead focusing on NIH syndrome development procedures. For example, they are not happy with using the lots of existing browsers, but ship their own webkit GUI.

What the Mastodon discussion you linked means with “orange site” may be HN, where they discussed elementary OS 6, too. Some people mention it’s great and they’ll try it because macOS went to shit. Others criticise the NIH syndrome I mentioned and that they take a lot of money from developers who publish on their AppCenter, while only allowing Open Source. Most of the comments there are positive, though, so I’m not quite sure they really meant HN.

Nice. Stop monopolies or even oligopolies, especially from Five Eyes states. The US of A has way too much grip on the global computing market. Which, ironically, also hurts the USA in some ways.

It’s always safer to just copy/paste.

Or you could read the popup of your browser.

Copy paste can actually inject code which isn’t visible so you’d have to paste into a text editor and then into the URL bar to be safe.

There’s also InitWare which is a fork/reimplementation of systemd with less interdependent parts. That means it doesn’t only run on Linux but also BSD and possibly other kernels.

You’re now required by law to share the code used to generate that meme with us.

There are no links in your post.

It’s a compressed archive just like .zip, .rar or .7z on Windows. Compressed archives can contain executables (like on Windows, you just run them) or code (like on Windows, you need to compile them) or other data.

Am I supposed to move it to /opt and extract it in Debian based distros?

If that’s where you like to put it, sure.

Does this also work on Arch based ones?

If they’re binary compatible and you installed all required dependencies in the correct version, probably yes.

BTW he wants it because allows for PDF edition and also allows to insert images and text within the highlights.

I think Okular can insert images and text within highlights and LibreOffice Draw can edit PDFs.

Apart from that, it’s OK to want specific Windows software on Linux, they just asked why and misunderstood that you want the Linux version, not install it through WINE. If you had provided links to the software you want to install that would have been clearer.

It’s also “Purism”, not “Pursim”, and “pre-installed” instead of “pre-instlaled”. You may want to install a spell checker software into the program you write those texts with, e.g. a VSCodium addon or LibreOffice’s integrated spellcheck.

I’ve always found interpreting smartmontools numbers too difficult to grasp

Can you put this into questions? I made pages in my wiki about HDDs and SMART which may explain some metrics.

Dual Hot Swappable 2.5" bays which each of the drives connected through the SATA interface (you plug the respected SATA cables in each bays’ end and the drives connections are literally “clicks into place”).

Yeah, but if your mainboard doesn’t support hot swap on the ports they’re connected to, you can’t hot swap them. Similarly, if your disks themselves don’t support hot swap, you can’t hot swap them.

In my experience, swapping disks while the PC is booted should only be done if you’re absolutely certain both the mainboard and the disk support hot swapping properly, else you may damage the disk. Especially consumer-grade disks are susceptible to failures in this way.

So I thought if the drives are on standby “hence I assume are therefore not spinning up/down” then I thought it safe to pulls them out.

Not really. Only if they support hot swapping and your motherboard does as well. Many do, some don’t.

I thought they would not be doing anything if they are simply on standby.

Being on standby may simply mean they have parked their r/w arms and are still spinning.

In one of your other threads, you posted SMART information which shows “Power-off Retract Count” as 72, which means there were 72 instances where the drive didn’t properly shut down or lost power unexpectedly.

For comparison, my 4 year old WD Red HDD has >33000h of usage and only a power-off retract count of 14.

Additionally interesting cause I always yanked the drives out when Linux Mint says they are put on standby (sleeping)

How were they connected? USB? SATA? Were they even hotpluggable? The thing is, you can’t know if a running system accesses the disks and you should only disconnect disks from a running system when they are explicitly hot-pluggable. Otherwise you risk damaging the disks for example when you disconnect them while they’re spinning up.

You can use the lvconvert --repair command to repair a mirror after a disk failure. This brings the mirror back into a consistent state. The lvconvert --repair command is an interactive command that prompts you to indicate whether you want the system to attempt to replace any failed devices.


(works with all newer versions of LVM too, IIRC)

Physically remove it from the system

Please do that when the computer it’s in is not powered on. Even hotplugging when your device is capable of it can yield interesting results if you’re not doing it 100% correctly.

nice idea; you could’ve done this as Ansible module and put the dotfiles in a template repository instead. That way you can separate the “what goes where” from the contents and have different target locations for different systems/distributions.

well, some people have their brains wired in a way which allows them to learn that stuff faster. They still have to learn it.

Nice tldr amd analysis! Yeah, modern piping wouldn’t require that much flow.

The company making this calls themselves [Talon Precision Optics](https://talonprecisionoptics.com/) nowadays and you can hook up your tablet or smartphone to your scope. They market their gear towards hunters. Wonder if military uses this technology too, or if they don't even care about precision.

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