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I love FreeBSD with XFCE

for mobile: graphene OS, or completely vanilla android ( lineageOS )

Oh man, I couldn’t disagree with you more based on my experience. Whenever I go to library genesis to snag a book, http://libgen.rs/, I am always so satisfied when I see an IPFS mirror backup link, I usually use the IPFS link instead of direct download, and I’ve never had any errors or issues.

facebook metaverser, or is it too early to name that yet? Heh heh

To be frank, the OP seems to have no understanding of the underlying technology at play here.

I suggest to the OP to use umatrix webbrowser extension and examining what 3rd-party websites are contacted when you visit say… reddit, vs say… a mastodon instance.

You will see that visiting a mastodon instance does not contact any 3rd-party trackers or ads.

If this is not proof enough, then OP, you should realize that the whole point of the fediverse is to shed ourselves of the shitty ad-tech environment that arose during the 2010’s, there is not a centralized controller of a federated site like mastodon or peertube, so you can always spin up your own server that is completely free of tracking and just use that.

I hope that makes sense.

That’s my kind of people. let’s get r/trackers to do the same

I would say the Steam Deck.

less specifically, steve jobs said something like, voice will be the next evolution in human to computer interaction. I would love to be able to control a terminal with voice control, and control the entire computer with voice control. Open source, no doubt.

Both tiktok/facebook encourage conformity, discourage intelligent thought, reward mindless consumption, shortens attention spans. the companies spy on users with impunity, and the software is locked down and impedes the open internet.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with a service like this existing. facebook has pioneered this parasitic model, dominated the internet for years, the bar is so low that it cannot possible go lower.

Intelligent families will prohibit their children from unrestricted access to websites like facebook/tiktok/youtube.

All in all, it is a trend and will be replaced, and whatever replaces it will probably be an improvement.

unix shell programming stephen G kochan patrick wood third edition

This one was great, describes the kernel and shell, and it is well written and organized. It also has some lesser known bash tricks and shell variables.

Fedora ( or CentOS ) because . . . there are too damn many vulnerable Debian Packages!


Nice plank dock

I enjoy an XFCE4 with a clean plank dock, nice and simple. I recommend Fedora Linux because it is security tight, very reliable, & user friendly