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not necessary assholes, just uneducated and arrogant for the most. like the folk of car tuning.

yes, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamergate_(harassment_campaign)

and I am far from being a sjw.

gamers are mostly young male, impetuous and uneducated about computer. (installing steam/crack != literate)

sorry, i don’t buy into these snowflaking BS.

FOSS is made by doers and is free for all, so no, I don’t feel threatened by gamers as they don’t do anything, they are annoying at best. ah and socially, I’m stable and feel good.

Gamers are a plague. sorry for the lack of subtlety. That’s the worst audience coming to Linux. Am I wrong? Just look at youtube. 90% of garbage of young smelly boys playing games on their sport-car like chair.

The far-right/nazi specter/accusation is the new preventive shutdown.

I was going to create a post about censorship on Fedi as I have a seen removed a post of mine about stolen farming vehicles by russian being remotely disabled, pointing out the first and most important problem of this news such as implementing such tech in first place and the article, leaving in between the lines (thanks to the war ) that it could be good thing.

We know there are far-right/left nuts around - and it’s too easy to spot them - but it is also so easy and powerful strategy to cover under false flags.

If the Fediverse wants to survive, it must raise the bar and not shooting at the first questioning slightly unaligned post. Ad-hominem attacks must be the first red card - even before insults IMHO.

On a side note, even though I don’t approve throwing insane money on a platform like twitter, I think Elon’s approach is making sense and might work. Like it or not, Elon is what coming close to a robot and as such, and beside trans-humanism shit (because he’s a nerd), I think he is deeply honest and of goodwill.

Also, there are many cases of WFP’s donation causing more problems, like bankrupting local farmers (when giving food)

Those farmers will probably benefit of this investment, after all, they have the “lands”. No the bad thing is if it is done like EU is actually doing, funding literally mafia




UE is a mess.

I more mad about M$. As you said, it’s virtual money here except that M$ has literally the cash in bank. Most of their buyouts - linkedin, github, blizzard… - were made in cash.

$68B of real money for fucking games?

ok, virtual money create debts… so … well both Nadella and Elon are dicks.

Would work with C versus Rust.

oh yeah, I cry for these silly thumbnails and other YouTube hacks. let’s just the content get through on its own.

I won’t say internet… companies just search for the cheapest tech or they think that with google/wikipedia, they could take any junior or analyst to become a pro-efficient sysadmin.

I have seen my share of java E2EE or JS copy-paster doing the job of sysadmin/devops on premise stuff.

iLO are usually on an isolated subnet or even connected in serial to “multi-plexer” which is connected to a specific network. the idiot who put it on the same switches than the server should get fired.

The only modern social network he ever used was google+

good old time.

And what do you with the operating system running beneath?

Is it only me who is annoyed by the semantic f… that Epic Games is making? …


Thales: Digital wallet (2018)

Yeah yeah, we don’t see what could go wrong, especially with the stop of cash money (in EU at least)…