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What I said, with less words. No money >no rights. Current democracy is only the right to vote every 4 years the more o less spokesmen of the economic powers, There is no true sovereignty of the people, this is in the hands of the banks and the so-called markets.

In capitalism, behind each article of the universal declaration of human rights there is an addition “…only if you have money to pay for it”

I already predicted it in 2020, with the economic crisis due to COVID.

And every 20 years a big war to make a reset.

Only Chrome and some simple Chromium forks. Brave and Vivaldi are not affected. Worst for the devs of extensions, those who are based on v2 are eliminated in the Store and those extensions for security and privacy or similar are crippelt by Google. Like in the Google Play Store in Android, where the apps downloaded are only the versions “decaffeinated” of those from F-Droid. Google hate apps which blocks his trackings and advertisings.

uMatrix not longer exist, abandoned since years.

The Engine in Vivaldi has as base Chromium, but that didn’t mean that te maintance work is minor than in Gecko, see Vivaldi is a coop own by it’s employees, they have ca 20 devs for 5 OS. Mozilla have their own engine, Gecko, but the work to update and patch is now rhe same as Vivaldi has with Chromium. You would be right that the Chromium browsers already have 99% of the work done, if Vivaldi were just a simple fork like others, which is not the case. The main expenses for a company, be it Mozilla or Vivaldi, is the infrastructure they have (server, tax expenses, personnel, etc.). Vivaldi has no outside investors and refuses to have any in order to preserve independence, von Tetzchner set up the cooperative with his own money. Now it is financed, as I said before, apart from donations (introduced at the insistence of users), sponsor links and default search engines (alliances with DDG, Ecosia and others), which pay when the user uses them, otherwise it is free. to delete them, apart a webstore with Merch. There are no advertisers involved, no google analytics or other google tracking or fingerprinting APIs. Apart Vivaldi offers for the user a own blog and a own webmail with 5Gb ( Inbuild in the Browser a Feedreader, Mail client and Calendar, among other features which nobody else have or only partial with a lot of extensions. Yes, part of the UI is proprietary soft (~5%) but full aditable and customizable by the user (with knowledge in scripts). In the community they show how.

Only when you download FF from there or you create an account because you want the sync service, then Google know it.

If you read my posts, you will see that I also use FF and I know that the issue with Google is les than in other browsers, but even Mozilla need money for its infrastructure, servers need money. Their business model is the advertising and by usin Alphabet, which is the associate company, they pass userdata in this model. Even there are few data, I prefer a browser which don’t has this business model de surveillance and advertisings for my daily use. Currently there are a lot of browsers in the market, but when you search those which respects the privacy, there are only Vivaldi, Brave and also Firefox. Brave use some cryptosites as sponsores with a probably selective adblocking, which I don’t like much, others are half discontinued, outdated engines or a bad support. The rest are Firefox and Vivaldi, because of this I’ve both, but using Vivaldi as main browser because of the reasons I mencioned before.

The Vivaldi ad and trackerblocker is customizable, you can it easy reforce with the filter you want in the settings. By default use the same filters as uBO.

I do not trust so much what they say or what they put in the posts, if the analytics shows me Google trackers and fingerprinting to put personalized ads, which implies the monitoring of user activity, yes or yes.

See the screenshot or test it by yourself

I use FF as second browser for some tasks, without account or sync, but I prefer to use a browser without any of this Google crap, which in FF isn’t given, even if it is minimal compared to other browsers.

Ads are not the problem, the problem is the surveillance advertizing as buisiness model, that means that the company log the userdata and activity to sell it to advertising companies. That is how Mozilla make money, Brave make money with selective adblocking with associate cryptocompanies (I don’t know if this is better), Vivaldi make money with default bookmarks and search engines from sponsors, which pay when the user use these, but the user is free to delete these, if not. Apart by donations and a merch store., they don’t use any ads or trackers.

If you use uBO, but even so, if you have activated the sync function, you sync your data with Mozilla and with this, with Google. Brave don’t have sync, since Google cut Google Sync of for Chromium browsers other than Chrome, Vivaldi has a own sync server since years, encrypted end2end. If you lost your Sync password in Firefox, you can restore it, because Mozilla store your sync password and data, in Vivaldi, if you lose yor password, you lose your data, because not even Vivaldi has other data as your encrypted one. Ther isn’t any recover by mail o othr¡er. The price of privacy. Anyway you see thatusing Firefox or a Chromium no necessary means that one don’t tells Google your activity and the other do it., because it use the same renderer as Chrome.

No trackings or third party or Google ads in Brave or Vivaldi. Don’t trust what they say, test it.

Also Vivaldi don’t follow the Mv3 and has a inbuild ad- and trackerblocker with the filterlist from uBO and others by default, editable. But Mozilla is also planning to launch somthing similar to Mv3 in the near future. All companies which gain money with advertising companies (Mozilla> hate adblockers.

Not only crippled, the app has shown in the past to activate mic and cam without autorization. Its directly spyware. It has 65 permissions in the Phone to intercept almost everything. Exodus Privacy analytics of FB app

  • ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION access approximate location only in the foreground

  • ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION access precise location only in the foreground

  • ACCESS_MEDIA_LOCATION read locations from your media collection

  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE view network connections

  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE view Wi-Fi connections



  • BROADCAST_STICKY send sticky broadcast

    • CAMERA take pictures and videos
  • CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE change network connectivity

  • CHANGE_WIFI_STATE connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi


  • FOREGROUND_SERVICE run foreground service

    • GET_ACCOUNTS find accounts on the device
  • GET_TASKS retrieve running apps

  • INTERNET have full network access


  • MANAGE_OWN_CALLS route calls through the system

  • MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS change your audio settings

  • NFC control Near Field Communication


    • READ_CALENDAR Read calendar events and details
    • READ_CONTACTS read your contacts
    • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE read the contents of your shared storage


  • READ_PHONE_STATE read phone status and identity


  • READ_SYNC_SETTINGS read sync settings

  • RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED run at startup

    • RECORD_AUDIO record audio
  • SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW This app can appear on top of other apps

  • USE_BIOMETRIC use biometric hardware

  • USE_FINGERPRINT use fingerprint hardware

  • USE_FULL_SCREEN_INTENT display notifications as full screen activities on a locked device

  • VIBRATE control vibration

  • WAKE_LOCK prevent phone from sleeping

  • WRITE_CALENDAR add or modify calendar events and send email to guests without owners’ knowledge

  • WRITE_CONTACTS modify your contacts

  • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE modify or delete the contents of your shared storage

  • -WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS toggle sync on and off


  • INSTALL_SHORTCUT install shortcuts







  • FEO2

  • AD_ID






If visiting FB from the PC is already a toothache, from the mobile it is sending your Curriculum vitae directly to Zuckerbot.

It is a pretty big problem. There are front-ends for almost any social network or streamin sites like YT, except for FB, because Facebook includes codes that hinder and avoid eventual front-ends, forcing the user to visit FB, yes or yes, in order to track and profile him. The only way to avoid it is to use all kinds of blockers, VPNs or the like. I personally avoid visiting it as much as possible, but it is true that sometimes it is impossible to avoid it. Therefore, apart from the usual blockers, I use Portmaster in the system. It is also recommended to use Site Bleacher in the browser.

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