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A way to report collapsed comments?
There should be a way to report graphic comments while keeping them collapsed. And maybe add a report button next to the Block User button?

And to be clear, I absolutely agree that capitalism touches everything but I’m just looking for something to watch without it getting on my nerves :)

For anyone wondering, this is “Shoshana Zuboff on surveillance capitalism | VPRO Documentary”

Looks interesting given how long her book is, thanks!

I know about The Great Hack and it’s kinda the thing I’m trying to avoid lol

No it’s just a sorting option that shows the newest comments even if they’re in reply to other ones

I’m surprised no one mentioned the very difficult captcha which almost turned me away… I think you once mentioned the reason why you use it instead of something like hcapatcha but it’s a real problem imo

The button that collapses threads, it doesn’t even say anything when you hover over it

Yes I’ve the article but haven’t uploaded it yet. Protonmail isn’t a practical option really

Maybe make an about page that has the background story and link to it on joinlemmy?

I thought it might be because no lemmy.ml users subscribed to that comm but nothing changed after I subscribed

Now available on the f-droid repo

I kinda touched on how someone’s views might seem alien to others in this comment.

One of the issues is you need to believe that it’s worth it to take the time and explain your position, sometimes you argue with someone not to convince them but for others to hear what you’ve to say. So I think one needs to believe that the other is gonna hear them out and argue in good faith or that there’s an audience that might be interested, otherwise it’ll be one of those losing battles.

I like the idea of having a community about news sources where we can have extensive discussions.

A feature to see a comment's context in the inbox tab?
This way you don't have to keep opening tabs if you got a bunch of replies.

A feature to mark posts as seen?
This way we don't have to come across the same posts over and over again.

Looking for a FOSS pdf reader for Windows
Not Sumatrapdf. I'm looking for one that is full of features like annotations.

How hard would it be to make text post expand like pics?
That way we won't have to open a new tab unless we wanna view the comments.