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This has a very low chance of working, but you might be able to get an advanced tab in BIOS with the advice from PiterGeek here: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery/How-to-get-advanced-bios/td-p/8095143

I also saw some reports that the advanced tab can be locked at the factory with a password. There’s really no way around that.

This kind of protecting our computers from our own actions is where right to repair becomes important. I definitely won’t be looking at HP next time I buy a computer. Also, sorry you hit a wall here. I’ve put linux on a few different computers when windows crapped out. I’m not a tech genius, and it never was any kind of headache to get done. If it wasn’t for HP it would’ve been an easy win for you.

Looking online, some HP’s have this option removed entirely, so you might be at a roadblock that HP decided to build into your computer.

Does anyone know a distro that doesn’t mind being installed on RST?

Both Buttocks

Lol, like just saying buttocks wasn’t enough. I need to know how many to make it sound right. 1? 3? Do I need to call in a friend?

Totally, I’ve always pictured myself as a raptor when I poop.

I guess it is time to be blunt. You don’t know the basic definition of veganism. You don’t have a firm grasp on how life is classified (you are right mushrooms aren’t plants, but no one said they were). You don’t seem to fully understand proteins and metabolism. None of that is a problem. We are all learning all the time. You could gain that knowledge by taking a minute to do an internet search to see if you might not be completely right. These are things that I am very familiar with and I still did a quick check for changing definitions and new science before I responded.

edit: grammar

Wow, doubling down for some reason. Not eating animals doesn’t mean only plants, and yeast is a fungus. Yep the one in beer, bread, extracts, etc. It is a single celled fungus and vegan by absolutely everyone’s definition.

Just thought of it but have you tried a factory reset? Maybe something just got off kilter and that would give you a blank slate.

Yeah, that is awful. I got lucky and mine wasn’t. The next phone I buy I will know to make sure it isn’t unlockable. Actually I will probably just go for a phone with a good OS installed already.

The Lineage site had decent instructions for my phone

Edit: You only have to do this once, so take time to read and understand the instuctions before you start.

I did some quick research because I wouldn’t consider buying one that needed wifi access or app control to work. It looks like some can work w/o ever being connected. The functions are limited like not being able to just clean a single room. Probably down to use case if you need the app functions or not.

Edit: If anyone has real experience it would be great to hear.

gross warning This just makes processed meat sustainable. Eat processed meat, grow tumor, extract tumor, process, repeat.

If the government may not conduct an unreasonable search of your home, would you then permit a gang of unruly citizens to toss your house

This is a logical fallacy. Illegal search and seizure applies to the government. Breaking and entering and theft apply to individuals. In the US one is prevented by the constitution (like freedom of speech) and the other follows local laws. They aren’t the same.

Looks cool, not much there yet. I will have to remember to contribute next time I break something.

Could happen. Pictured is an oil filled radiator style where the heating elements aren’t exposed. Probably the safest but the manual probably says not to do what the OP has pictured.

You’re probably right. They make warming pads for pets with the same tech from electric blankets that would be the perfect size if just your feet get cold too.

I will try - Heater goes under the desk. Blanket goes round the desk creating a small warm space. Legs go through holes in the blanket so they are kept warm without heating the whole room.

Look only at the clothes. What do you see? Have you ever seen anyone wearing similar clothes? Where? Who? Why is this different?

Opinions on Divested Computing Group

Does anyone have experience with this organization (https://divested.dev)? There isn’t any footprint I can find of them outside their repos and message boards. …


Looking for a new mobile OS

I have been running lineageOS on my OnePlus 2. I liked it, but Lineage has stopped supporting my phone. There are two options that I have been able to find as replacements - postmarketOS and /e/OS. Any thoughts on those or other recommendation? Anything that gets security updates, is open source, an…


Firefox banned at work

Do any of you have thoughts on a business case for continued use of Firefox for an individual? …


Wasting drinking water to move sewage

In the usual sanitary sewer system we use drinking water to move waste through pipes towards resource recovery plants (wastewater treatment plants). Across the US the infrastructure is in disrepair and needs a lot of attention, so getting a wasteful system running right is going to take a huge inves…


Mid level knowledge

It is easy to find articles and guides designed for laypeople. If you know the right keyword, it is just as easy to find professional/expert level papers and articles. I have noticed that this is the case across fields. Is that what other folks experience? Where do you go for information when laypeo…