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Clowns or terrorists, they are banned regardless.

Some of the mods may be sleeping; here in Finland the clock is 12:37 but in New York it’s 05:37.

I have already banned those clowns from, it’s good if the mods of do their jobs too.

Selenium is great because it allows one to do browser actions such as clicking an element and going to a different page, so it could be used to implement “sniping a PS5”.

There is no last “good” generation, unless you have a boomer-esque mindset. In that mindset, the last “good” generation is one where you belong.

I have a tendency to use different nicknames for each website so… many.

Well, that duck will satiate, not only in one way.

I was getting tired of Reddit, its America-centric culture and transformation to something Facebook-like. It’s somewhat popular in Finland, which made me concerned of how Internet discussion and meme culture gets too much centered around a platform owned by an American company.

I was also getting tired of many Finnish online forums and imageboards that had lax moderation. When I found about Lemmy, it made me curious. With hosting my own instance I could create something completely new, separate from conventional forums and imageboards, I could be part of a larger network. I could do my part in creating Internet culture!

Something about metaverse and decentralization based on blockchain, drummed up by big tech companies.

Also everything can be measured by using a banana for scale.

My pavatar is a baby dragon from the 90s Moomins series. I chose it simply because of wanting something different - the previous avatar was a Deku Scrub Link from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

What I like about the theme is how it feels somewhat retro. Also, because of the blue background, it functions as a different dark theme.

This is simply the i386 theme for Lemmy, I’m using Firefox.

We live in a society.

Good article by Yle now in English. It doesn’t surprise me how a big platform like Facebook prioritizes and polices English content more, giving less attention to smaller languages like Finnish. …