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Wow, the Volla Phone seriously doesn’t deserve a place in a top 3 of “the best”. The Volla Phone is just another downstream using device, and the fact that you can order it with Ubuntu Touch doesn’t change that. You’re depending on Halium, which is just one big hack.

The only phones worthy of being in such a list are the PinePhone and Librem 5, and probably some Android phones that got ported to mainline Linux. I can’t take anyone seriously that says the Volla Phone is “a good Linux smartphone”.

Ah, the company with the big blue guy mascot/logo. Sure they sell Linux laptops, honestly I never expected anything else. 3rd parties sell all kinds of stuff through them, so why not Linux laptops either?

Wake me up when the big consumer tech webshops start selling and actually promoting Linux-based systems.

Funnily enough this distribution doesn’t use that port system.

To begin with, GTK3 is far from ideal on these devices, and many applications have not migrated to GTK4 which does take advantage of the GPUs… more or less.

Luckily most phone interfaces available use Qt instead, like Plasma Mobile. I recommend checking it out 😉

My older Gaze10 doesn’t 😜 Luckily it did get a UEFI upgrade allowing me to disable Intel ME, so that’s cool.

Only newer models are supported by coreboot and even then not all of them. I recommend looking up each laptop you are interested in.

So post a HTTP link (via a Gemini proxy) instead and put the Gemini link in the body of the post instead. Now you just get people to not read the article instead.

I understand you want people to use Gemini, but this is not the way to do it. Also, I personally won’t ever use Gemini if it doesn’t even have support for some basic stuff like inline images 🤷

Yeah that is what I would expect as well. If I wanted to read the article I would now have to find a Gemini proxy myself, which, well, most people just aren’t going to do. So instead they just won’t read the article.

Why such a strange post rather than just posting the link to the article?

KDE’s default theme: Breeze. Just make sure the GTK equivalent is also installed, breeze-gtk.

There is nothing ARM exclusive about Lomiri. The currently available distros shipping it only have it available for ARM yes, but that’s a different matter.

There is no such thing as a voice or video channel in Matrix. Not yet at least. Communities are going to be replaced by Spaces soon btw.

The “communities” feature in Element is a bit janky,

Luckily it’s being replaced by Spaces.

Communities is going to be replaced by Spaces.

[!postmarketos@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/postmarketos) , please join and help it make more awesome and bigger than the Reddit one :winking face: I'm one of the core pmOS devs and although the other core devs aren't Lemmy users yet, I'll make sure to hang around, answer questions, moderate, etc. For the people that don't know about postmarketOS yet: postmarketOS is a _real_ Linux distribution for phones. We are sick of not receiving updates shortly after buying new phones. Sick of the walled gardens deeply integrated into Android and iOS. That's why we are developing a sustainable, privacy and security focused free software mobile OS that is modeled after traditional Linux distributions. With privilege separation in mind. Let's keep our devices useful and safe until they physically break! Have a look at [our website](https://postmarketos.org/) and join us on [Matrix](https://matrix.to/#/#main:postmarketos.org)!

Alpine Linux. Originally to dogfood myself the packages I maintain for postmarketOS, but I’ve grown quite fond of it and the developer community around it. I run it on my laptop and desktop and servers now, coming from Gentoo.