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Fish is slowly adding more POSIX syntax, e.g. $(cmd), export ENV_VAR=1 and CFLAGS=-02 make now work as you would expect.

Demonstrating how easy it is to get hacked

A Week of Bug Reporting
Laurence Tratt goes over the bugs report they wrote in the last week. Very interesting read.

I switched from QWERTZ to a custom QWERTY layout but I fear that switching to something else would make it awkward to use computers other than my own. I also use the Vim keys hjkl in many applications.

Codeberg is based on Gitea, which closely resembles GitHub’s interface. Contributing to projects hosted on Codeberg is just as easy as contributing to GitHub projects.

It is proven that some mathematical questions can never be answered. This is known as Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. Veritasium made a nice video about it.

I also get “502 Bad Gateway” every now and then. Today it happened with https://lemmy.ml/post/330390. Nothing is printed to the Firefox console (except for Quirks Mode because of missing <!DOCTYPE html> of course). Reloading the page fixes the issue.

Here’s a screenshot. I don’t use a statusbar, gaps or anything fancy, but river does offer these features.

The text editor is Kakoune, the color theme is gruvbox.

River, a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor inspired by dwm and bspwm.

You couldn’t be further from the truth. I do like single-player video games (especially indie games) but competitive video games usually favor the players who practiced the most whereas the board and card games above have a low barrier of entry. My interest in Minecraft faded away over the years.

mpv is a fast and minimal general-purpose media player. It has thumbnail support via an external script. Playing a video backwards does not work well but you can seek forward and backward (even frame-by-frame) using customizable hotkeys.

In a voice call with three friends I regularly play:

game themes
Love Letter deduction, luck
Coup bluffing
Codenames language/words
Categories aka Stadt Land Fluss aka Tutti Frutti aka Jeu du Baccalauréat geography, words
Poker luck
skribbl drawing

The picture shows Sway, Waybar, Kakoune, Alacritty, and fishshell. The color theme is gruvbox, the fonts are DejaVuSansMono and Inter.