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Understood. Thanks for your answer!

Avoid Time Cap Download on Maxstream

Good Evening, I have to download multiple files on Maxstream but there is the limit of 1 download each hour without an account. …

Learn Email Marketing

Good evening everybody, …

Tracking position bike

Hello everybody, …

I’m looking to change distro because Lubuntu 18.04 is pretty old and soon it will no have support. It’s pretty good anyway and I’m curious if there is something more fast to work on web.

Suggestion for a new Linux distro

Good morning everyone, …

I understand, so there are a lot of possible problems. Thanks for the examples!

Thanks for your suggestions! I will try these tools.

Lenovo B50-70 shuts down suddenly and continually

Good morning everyone, I need help please. I have a Lenovo laptop B50-70 and while I’m using it (browsing on Internet, watching video, writing, ecc.), it shuts down randomly without any notice. …

Lubuntu 18.04 on my old laptop. Fast and simple to use, but there aren’t many customizations.

Thank you for the suggestion! I’ve saved the book in my list and I will start to read it.

Thank you, I’ll check it

Awesome! Thank you very much!

Create and start a static site

Hello everyone, …

How to contribute with translation on open source

Good morning, there is any directory or site where I can see which open source projects needs help with translation? …

Alternative To SewArt

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Check ink levels on Epson XP-245 on linux

Hello everybody, …

Thanks. Lubuntu doesn’t come with snapd daemon. Do you think that MX Linux could be faster than Lubuntu?

Good Morning and thanks in advance. I’ve used Google Sheets to create this daily table that I use on smartphone and PC and I’m looking for an open source alternative. Can you help me, please? …