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Mainly cause of that round hair around face, I said deepfake

The thing about pantheon is it goes way too much from accepted UI. Like OS key should do something like launch apps or search or power button. Nope, shortcut docs.

Yeah not defending apple as a company, just saying the product is consistent.

BBC does have bias, but that does not mean they make up Uyghur genocide and the cultural dissemination of the Uyghur people.

Yeah, I just wish Linux would just fix the glaring problems that are making a roadblock for adoption by now(sandbox, sound and video rendering etc)

It’s secure but it leaks way too much metadata, so not really private but alright security

Linux isn’t in any better position, only Mac seems to be doing good

As a Muslim I wholly disapprove of this message!

Look social media from whoever can never fulfill real life relations. After you use fediverse and see all the features, you realize all the social media is garbage and you actually have to talk to real people not semi talk, semi broadcasting as social media.

They do sell a system, French and German military uses that system.