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They are kinda uncanny valley. The 2nd one reminds me a little of the long-time nuclear waste warning messages picturegrams.

I feel like the best way to get this off the ground is to really put up as much new content as possible. I’ve been slacking recently by not being on in a while, but I really need to make the effort in contributing.

With more contribution comes more people.

Interesting! Was it more tech stack orientated stickers? Or was it just a conversation starter sort of thing?

How did the stickers help with jobs? If you don’t mind my asking

I quite like it but as others have pointed out - it’s just too complex.

I quite hope not. Although I lean left and socio-liberal I come to social platforms such as Lemmy to take a break from the usual politics.

My first job I just turned up at the store and asked for one. My first professional job, I had 2 interviews after uploading my details to a job site and a recruiter reached out to me.

Eventually - you’ll do enough interviews that it won’t bother you anymore

I don’t really think distro choice matters so much these days. If you’re looking to try something a little more bleeding edge - you could try something like Manjaro, this has a rolling release pattern so you won’t be in the same situation again. I think this comes in lighterweight flavour like Lubuntu. I’ve heard great things about Pop_OS, I would give that a good look too.

I use Ubuntu. Previously I used Debian. Edit: Most downvoted. Why? Let’s get some discussion going :)

I have an old FM radio I got off of eBay, a Hacker RP72. It’s just nice to have on as background noise and the sound quality is excellent. I can put it on and just get on with something other than sitting at my desk which was unbearable before.