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His employees are pretty good. Alex, Anthony, etc. They have relevant degrees and know what they’re talking about when it comes to technology and engineering. Frankly, they should kick Linus to the curb and start their own tech channel.

I agree with your assessment on RMTransit, I’ve heard a lot of people say he’s “too woke” but really he isn’t woke enough. We should be doing like China and completely transforming our cities, essentially restarting from scratch and building something with people oriented planning from day one. It’ll be even easier for is because we really don’t have any historic cultural stuff worth preserving and building around, yeah we have old colonial era buildings and cathedrals but IMO they deserve no protection from the demolition ball, because we sadly have no indigenous buildings or villages still standing, which would have been worth protecting if they still existed. Also, while displacing immigrants and BIPOC is a concern, I will be losing no sleep over the displacement of the upper middle class white crackers that plague Vancouver.

Also, interesting how Linus mentioned “displacement” and “tearing apart neighborhoods” as justifications against switching from cars to transit+bike+walk models. Because guess what the fuck also displaces people and destroys community? Highways and viaducts! A single highway interchange can destroy an entire small town, while a single train station takes up the space of maybe two suburban houses. And a double track rail line is narrower than many laneways and suburban streets, while having more capacity than ten lanes of highway. You’re in Vancouver, Linus, ever heard of the Georgia Viaduct and its effects on causing the creation of the Downtown East Side slums?

Also, just a nagging thought in the back of my mind, is he only concerned about displacement because the places that most need to be redeveloped for walk ability, the single family suburbs, are majority white residents while BIPOC residents tend to live in denser areas? Hmm… You’re also living on land where Indigenous populations were displaced by the way (the ones that were merely displaced got off lucky, actually, most were murdered).

Vancouver, Canada: Isolated pockets of bike lanes. Not like a neighborhood or an urban center where you can reasonably do everything you need within it, literally a single block of new development will have a dutch-style paved bike lane but you’re out to sea if you go beyond it.

Technically, all land vertibrates evolved from fish, make of that how you want.

Seriously, four hours? For what? Jesus Christ’s resurrection party was more succinct than this.

More like “flavor removed to cut costs due to inflation” and the price still rose.

You probably couldn’t reach the density shown in this futuristic city using car as mean of transportation. A future city with cars would look much less dense, and spread over a larger area.

Either that or it’d feel like living inside of the blood clot in someone’s heart.

Hey, united Ireland though. Small victories?

The fact that this wasn’t immediately obvious does not bode well for real life.

Remember kids, veganism is not the most environmentally friendly diet. Eating the rich is.

Seize the delicious cream filling of production.

I stand corrected then. TIL.

Didn’t Schrödinger initially make that thought experiment to show how ridiculous the notion of superposition is because he disagreed with the theory?

It’s really hard to search for or browse past topics when it’s one stream of messages. Also really hard to follow up on past topics with more discussion later on or have two groups discussing two different topics simultaneously.

I’d make a squid game joke but it might honestly turn out that’s exactly what they’ve been doing.

This is why SK needs the narrative on the DPRK for its propaganda. No one will pay their atrocities any mind the instant they make up some bullshit about the DPRK.

Reminder that neither the gyroscope, accelerometer, of magnetometer require permissions to access on Android, iOS, or any other mainstream operating system. There’s even an API for the browser that again, needs zero permissions.

Actually, this is old news. There was a Stanford study that successfully used the gyroscope to record not just what the speaker is saying, but sounds in the entire room! As far as I know it wasn’t high enough quality to be audible sound, but a voice recognition algorithm fed the processed output was capable of recovering the words said around the phone with scary accuracy.

Actually actually, the biggest hurdle in the study was the fact that the operating system limited the frequency at which the gyroscope could be sampled to 200 Hz (it’s honestly terrifying how voice recognition could still work on 200 Hz samples). The sensor itself can do several kilohertz, which would in theory be enough to make audible sound recordings if a rootkit (or the OS itself) could bypass the limit and access the raw sensor output. Or, another pathway that I’ve seen discussed is how the gyroscope, accelerometer, and other sensors could all be used like this, and are essentially three sensors in one (for the three axis in space) and if they’re all sampled at 200 Hz but there is any sort of phase/timing difference between them, that can be used to increase the recorded frequency for even more sound information. In the worst case scenario with maximal simple time offsets, three axis in the gyro, three in the accelerometer, three in the magnetometer, gets you 1800 Hz in total which is a good chunk of the human audible range.

Unless they (or someone compromising their servers) decide to store it. Because they absolutely could, and you wouldn’t even notice. E.g. when you enter your master password into the login form on their web page.

But it’s not just that. Even if you use their browser extension consistently, it will fall back to their website for a number of actions. And when it does so, it will give the website your encryption key. For you, it’s impossible to tell whether this encryption key is subsequently stored somewhere.

None of this is news to LastPass. It’s a risk they repeatedly chose to ignore. And that they keep negating in their official communication.


TL;DR and ELI5

  1. Hackers have your IP addresses, name/company name, email address and other personal information, and what websites you have passwords for, all in plain text and attached to your password data.

  2. Hackers have your encrypted data containing your passwords and other “senaitive fields.” They are encrypted with your master password, if they have that or can bruteforce/guess it they can decrypt everything.

  3. Due to their frontend architecture and how it interacts with their backend, you have no idea if they store your master password or associated encryption keys on their servers or not. They say they don’t, but they totally could and it’s impossible to prove or disprove.

  4. The process by which the master key is derived from the master password is weak, especially on older accounts which can be grossly weak. They may be susceptible to brute forcing by modern graphics cards, especially when you realize that most people don’t have the strongest of passwords.

Sufficiently determined attackers will be able to decrypt the data for almost anyone. The question is merely whether it’s worth it for them.

Yeah… It’s baaaad.

Your brain on capitalism: need to split up resources evenly? Nah, just murder the others and keep it all for yourself!

I wrote a bash script to help me with a tedious task yesterday. So… That?

Not necessarily. You’re thinking of liquid hydrogen, which is definitely widely used, but almost all consumer hydrogen powered stuff, like cars, use compressed hydrogen, which is the same as the compressed natural gas you get from the municipal mainlines. Actually, compressed natural gas is used in vehicles too, but usually busses and trucks and not so much personal cars.

If hydrogen fuel ends up being viable, they can be converted to carry that.

I go on YouTube, Discord, Lemmy (and sometimes Reddit) and it DOES NOT HELP! Hope that helps!

Would be great, except there are almost no local businesses anymore. Everything’s a franchise, in fact, a tactic that’s becoming increasingly popular is for corporate stores to disguise themselves as mom and pop shops. Local shops are effectively dead. Capitalism killed it.

you get the jest of it.

Yes I do.

Your comment and stance is a joke.

I was told today that China puts all journalists in jail and that’s why you never see any.

Everyone from the BBC to the World Bank to Disney have been to China, it’s not restricted to outside journalism, at all. Chinese journalists have also reported on things outside China.

Just a few examples.

China offers EU a visit to Xinjiang, EU is is the one that says no:

An interview with Chinese traffic police:

WHO Doctors go to China:

Pakistani Diplomat goes too:

You can, you know, also search for articles on the mainstream Western news sites where they go to China. They’re not rare. Actually, the fact a lot of the time they report on something in China without even having anyone there is pretty telling of how low effort their reporting are.

I don’t know of any Chinese journalists so I couldn’t argue.

That’s not how burden of proof works. You don’t get go make a claim and then go “well can you disprove it? No? Must be true then!”

Not to mention, yes I can disprove it.

Hey, did you know that China committed genocide on the fairy population? Have you seen any fairies? No? It’s because China killed them all! If you want to dispute me on this show me a living fairy, you can’t can you?

So why does China block their content? And is it only to the west or the whole world?

China’s content is blocked to the rest of the world how exactly?

Conversation probably went something like “Do you want the eeevil seeseepee to control you? No? Use our wholesome American platform!”

And then they’re ads for dick pills and crypto.

I mean, at it’s core a car is just a metal box with four wheels. It’s just a tool for us to accomplish the goals of moving things that need to be moved, not unlike a hammer. Nothing intrinsically wrong with the tool and it certainly has its uses, but relying on cars for mass transportation is like hammering in a screw. You can physically do it with that tool, but it’s a really bad application of the tool.

This is why SciHub and piracy in general is the greatest contribution to human knowledge since the invention of writing.

Because Xiaomi isn’t as big of a competitor to Western companies than Huawei. Huawei produces servers, networking equipment, and other enterprise level tech, and they’re both very good at it and only one of a handful of companies producing some of the stuff they do (the other ones being Western companies). Xiaomi produces mostly consumer electronics that frankly is barely relevant in the West compared to Western companies because there is so much more competition from others.

Basically, if you can eliminate one player out of five where you have your fingers in the other four, that’s way more beneficial to you than trying to eliminate one player out of five hundred, even if you have your fingers in all 499 other ones.

Not including combinations like: Newpipe + VLC

Straight up NewPipe then?

No seriously, it has literally everything you’re asking for. Access to a ton of songs, podcasts, and more, and integrated player that works in the background, downloading to mp3 and opus files offline, recommendations in the form of related videos, open source frontend.

The old reliable:

  1. Torrent or otherwise pirate mp3s

  2. Play using open source media player

I’ve honestly not found a better option, at least for my preferences.

Most English Lemmy Instances Does Not Offer Register Now Service

Because, we’ve had multiple brigades from probably 4chan with people posting Nazi propaganda, and, I wish I was making this up, gore and scat porn. Literally as soon as an instance pops up it gets flooded with that. Which prompts established instances to block it until it restricts signups.

If You Dig Deeper You Will Find that a lot of the instances in the page block other instances, meaning even if the user could register at one instances he will not be able to even interact With the whole community.

Working as intended. #wontfix The whole point of the fediverse is, your server talks to who you want to talk to and block who you want to block.

We don’t want a few huge “catch-all” instances where literally everyone goes. We want many, small, niche instances. Again, that’s the point of the fediverse. We don’t want to be just like the mainstream social medias but with a decentralisation gimmick, we want the decentralisation to be meaningful.

What’s the best DVD ripping software for Linux and how the hell do you even get it installed?
I'm looking to make a complete backup of my family's DVD and CD libraries by turning them into plain unencrypted media files that can just be played by whatever software. And I *just might* create torrents for some of the ones that don't already have established highly seeded torrents. Except, I've been trying all day on and off get a DVD ripper *with automatic decryption* set up on my machine and can't figure it out. I use Fedora, and none of the ones I read about are on the standard package manager, probably because Fedora doesn't want to get sued. I have tried the source code for the major ones but again, they have next to no official or even unofficial documentation, need dependencies which I can't figure out where to get, or the compile or run crashes with cryptic errors, or errors out when . Web searching has been less than helpful with any of these problems. Has anyone here gotten a decrypting DVD ripper working on Linux? Can you share what steps you took, or what documentation/tutorial you followed? I really don't want to have to use Windows or proprietary software for this, because for the former, it's... Windows, and for the latter, I don't trust it because piracy software can be shady AF.

Capitalist Infighting! Grab the popcorn!

Honestly, I hadn’t thought of this. I was and still am pretty happy that the Fediverse is getting more and more traction, but this is a very good point. It’s like the digital version of gentrification.

Especially since Twitter’s userbase has a lot of problems and bad tendencies that we absolutely need to nip in the bud if they start showing up here. Same with people migrating to Lemmy from Reddit.

It’s really sad to think that there are more train services in amusement parks than the rest of the US.
Drive to Disney World, pay a hundred dollars to ride the monorail, peoplemover, and the historic railroad. Then drive home, never once thinking "hey, what if we could do all that in the city, while running our errands!"

How much computing power and storage space is your instance using?
I'm really curious as to what kind of power it takes to run Lemmy. I know it's pretty light, but how light? Especially curious about tge larger instances like and Lemmygrad. What kind of CPU are you using and how much of that CPU is occupied? How much ram? How much internet bandwidth? How much storage for the database and the images?

How much computing power and storage space is your instance using?
I'm really curious as to what kind of power it takes to run Lemmy. I know it's pretty light, but how light? Especially curious about tge larger instances like and Lemmygrad. What kind of CPU are you using and how much of that CPU is occupied? How much ram? How much internet bandwidth? How much storage for the database and the images?

Because the aquatic ecosystem can go fuck itself! Like, I get it's to raise money for the Paralympics, but they couldn't think of *any* less harmful way of doing that?

English is the worst language: An anthology.
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