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I filtered out some that are purely just for web development

  • Don’t Fuck With Paste
  • Easy Auto Refresh
  • EditThisCookie
  • GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture
  • JSONView
  • New Tab Redirect
  • Pushbullet
  • Remove Element
  • uBlock Origin

I assume them to be fake, so never use them for making decisions. I might try to get the general feel from them, if there is something obviously wrong it might be visible, but very often I dont even look.

Yeah, minimal as in preferably no touchscreen, no fiddling with the OS, but its got to at least support whatsapp web and able to make a hotspot.

I guess a feature phone would be best, but it would be very nice if the particular model supported at least whatsapp web. Do feature phones run android in general? Nokia 8110 4G OS was AOSP based but didnt support it.

A lack of touchscreen would be a bonus I think, for battery life and practical reasons. Sharing the internet to a laptop so I can write to people is important.

Privacy and security are not really important for me here. They are generally, and have guided some of my choices in the past, but I have no will and strength to fight this fight anymore like I used to. For the phone, I just want something that is cheap, practical and works pretty much out of the box. And yes, battery life is super important, all the different background stuff running on modern phones drain the hell out of it, and so do touchscreens.

I want to desmartphone myself. Can you recommend a phone?
I have tried desmartphoning myself before. The reason was I do not need this expensive device with 1000s of functions and 1 day battery life, Id rather have a simple one that is mostly just a phone. I dont like typing on a phone either, prefer to use the web versions of messenger, whatsapp and signal. The device I went with before was Nokia 8110 4G. On paper this was everything I wanted. Low price, 1 week battery, love the slidy thing, etc. Unfortunately it had two big downsides: it failed to receive most automated SMS for some reason (eg bank login tokens), and while it had whatsapp it didnt support whatsapp web, forcing me to use the t9 keyboard. Then covid came and I had to switch back anyway to use track & trace app and other stuff. But now Im thinking again about this, do you have anything to recommend?