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There’s a skeleton inside you

(note: I linked to the Open Rights Group page on this, who are a great organisation) …


My weirdest irrational fear is having something important like a phone fly out of a barely open window while in a moving vehicle - I sometimes have cartoon logic.

If you just start walking, eventually you’ll bump into someone.

With punctuation and numbers (2mins):

Without (30secs):

I think these are hand-picked

deleted by creator

maybe PeerTube (or Framasoft in general)

There’s also lots of organisations/projects to donate to on https://opencollective.com/discover?show=open+source

the music app is terrible
I wish they just made or forked a good mpd client instead

yeh if you want flathub apps in the appcenter you need to go to flathub.org, download an app from there and you can choose the option to show other flathub apps (although it took a while for me)

What's the best platform for blogging?

I’ve heard of writefreely and plume, but is there anything else? I want something simple, open source, privacy-respecting and supporting RSS…


Bedrock Linux

a meta Linux distribution which allows users to mix-and-match components from other, typically incompatible distributions…


huh you can restore deleted messages

Wait if your account gets hacked? Then your deleted comments can be restored…


DistroTest - online OS tester

I just found this. Information is quite limited…