A pro-science marxist who is labeled with Autism and ADHD. Psychiatry is a psuedoscientific tool of oppression mostly used by the bouregoisie and we should oppose it!

Currently also struggling with silent reflux.

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Thanks for clearing up that you don’t understand science, generally. Have a great one!

How do I not understand science?

It really is.

It isn’t.

Psychiatry is a medical practice (one of the neurosciences) which relies heavily on chemical analysis, structural analysis, and comparison to global and individual baseline using tests such as MRI, fMRI, CT, PET, and other scans.

  1. Psychiatry is not a neuroscience; they do not study the brain. They focus on treating “mental disorders”, which lack the ability to be objectively falsified.
  2. I said that Psychiatry is based on treating mental disorders, which lack a test to objectively falsify them. It does not matter if Psychiatry uses tests; it must be able to objectively falsify mental disorders to be a science. Are those tests used to attempt to disprove mental disorders? If not, then mental disorders can’t be objectively falsified.
  • Mental disorders were not tested to be disproven through objective testing and data.
  • Mental disorders are literally just formed from assertion.

Where is that chemical analysis and structural analysis in mental disorders then? because they are not used at all in the DSM and ICD. They’re not even used!


  • MRI scan studies (edit: on the brain) are apprently too unreliable to be useful (edit: for deriving conclusions).[1][2][3] (I improved the text because it was sending the wrong message.)
  • brain scans are misused by Psychiatrists to try and “prove” that mental disorders are real.[4][5]

Additionally, Psychiatry has an holistic component (hence why practitioners of Psychiatry have medical degrees and licensure, unlike psychological counselors), whereby the rest of the body and the impact that can have on medication, testing, resolution, and practical management of disorders and illnesses.

Degrees are just papers that declare someone as knowledgable. Several psuedoscientific fields have degrees. A degree doesn’t make one knowledgable; learning does.

Also, Psychiatry is still founded on dogma, so it doesn’t even matter what they are teaching. Psychiatry is still a psuedoscience.

I don’t think Psychiatry, a field that regularly ignores socioeconomic factors, is “holistic”.

You’re objectively, and likely willfully, confusing the fields of clinical psychology and Psychiatry. You’re resting all of this on some version of the DSM, which is only used where necessary because even many practitioners take umbrage with much of the DSM (another reason why Psychiatry is not only a better science, but a better practice, is that it doesn’t require reliance on the DSM like much of clinical psychology does).

I’m not confusing them. I’m specifically referring to Psychiatry; I’m not focused on Psychology.

Edit because I forgot to include this: What is your opinion and experience of the ICD codes for diagnostics? Additionally, what is your experience utilizing and experience with the DSM in practice?

I read them. The mental disorders in them literally require no objective analysis to be “diagnosed”.[6][7]

Experience is just another method of gaining knowledge; but it does not make arguments any more correct. Science demands that all persons be able to test an explanation; a field suppressing critics does not make it scientific.

Here’s a good summary: https://leddit.xyz/r/Antipsychiatry/comments/hkpump/psychiatry_is_a_deeply_flawed_pseudoscience/

  1. Researchers: MRI Studies Unreliable, Not Suitable for Research ↩︎

  2. Conclusions From Brain Scan Studies are “Problematic if Not Unsubstantiated” ↩︎

  3. Nature: Brain Imaging Studies Are Most Likely False ↩︎

  4. Psychiatrists Raise Doubts on Brain Scan Studies ↩︎

  5. Lancet Psychiatry Needs to Retract the ADHD-Enigma Study ↩︎

  6. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders - Fith Edition ↩︎

  7. ICD-11, Mental Disorder Browser (can’t find the full PDF), will edit the link to it later. ↩︎

Psychiatry is a science, it’s the intersection between cognitive neuroscience and behavioral neuroscience.

It really isn’t. Psychiatry is based on treating mental disorders, which lack a test to objectively falsify them; science requires that explanations can be objectively falsified (through testing); therefore psychiatry is not a science.

How any one could think Psychiatry is a science is beyond me; especially when reading the DSM.

  1. CPUSA has been infiltrated by liberals.
  2. I thought about establishing an Antipsychiatry Marxist party that places an importance on critical thinking.

Victims of Psychiatry are discarded too often by communist parties.

The East German Encryption Machine T-310 and the Algorithm It Used.
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/427359 > [Sci-Hub link.](https://sci-hub.se/10.1080/01611190600632457) > > This is an interesting read. I didn't even know that East Germany had encryption machines.

Microsoft could change their license when enough people rely on their emoji design. It’s what they do to GitHub.

By getting people to use architecture that Microsoft owns. It’s what they’re doing with GitHub right now.

Uh, this isn’t a question. It’s an answer.

Figuratively too. Most videos are consumerist garbage.

Making sure Lemmy never takes off any%

Email took off and it didn’t have embeds.

Tell people they need to install an extension to make Lemmy usable

It is usable. Not everyone wants to have embedded videos, which is why I suggested making an extension.

Same opinion. We shouldn’t copy or cater to convenience like capitalists do.

I don’t want to go (e.g.) YouTube to watch 4 advert before I can see the video.

Get a content blocker (like uBlock Origin); it’s worth it.

Also, embeds still link the YouTube video, so adverts will still play in them.

Embed is so muchier comfy and the site is more entertainable with the embedded video or social post, not only just a link.

  1. Then make a plugin.
  2. Lemmy itself does not need to be “entertainable”; this is just the excuse capitalists make to profit off social addictions. Western social media started out efficient (UseNet and email); but gradually transformed into bloated social media (Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) as capitalist traits could fully manifest in better hardware.
  • Voting was added solely because creates addiction cycles.

Social media should be modular (as in the UNIX philosophy).


idk why you’d want embeds anyway; those are unnecessary. Just link the video so that I can visit it.

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When does programming (alone) get cumbersome for you?
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linhtran.eu - A PeerTube instance for the Vietnamese blogger Linh
It's nice to see Vietnamese PeerTube videos and users.

How do you find serious forums that are actually good?
I can't tell what forums are good (or bad).

https://redd.it/v8l8vi These people keep bringing up "mArKeT sHaRE" 1. Linux is free. How would it get market share? 2. It's quite difficult to get an accurate "market share" since user-agents can be faked. EDIT: I wonder if Microsoft are making anti-Linux accounts to try and hamper Linux.

Don't use Reddit for Linux or BSD related questions
The upvote-downvote feature is the worst mechanic to plague social media.

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Why did SDL change from LGPL?
Apparently SDL-org changed the license of SDL from the LGPL (a copyleft license) to zlib (a permissive license).^[[Older Releases](https://libsdl.org/release/) (Check the license in versions before SDL2 and 1.3.)] I don't get why SDL-org would make the license change; unless if it's for popularity.

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