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Today I learned. Interesting. I did not know about this at all. Never mind, then.

This is the first licence that came to my mind as well. I think it should be what we are looking for here. Not ideal for static linking, though (see other replies to this comment).

Yeah, there are a few such apps, which would work just as well. However, as you say, they do not provide proxies. It is then up to each one of us to decide what our intent and threat model is. I hope you find what works best for you.

I would use any privacy-respecting FOSS frontend for Reddit (such as Libreddit, Teddit, etc.). Only when (if) you need to comment, you have to go through all the Reddit bloat.

Surprisingly, Lorien truly looks great. I am eager to try it out.

I would say this is a completely fair and valid point of view. It definitely has its uses. As I said earlier, it could make a nice issue, if you feel like proposing it.

Alternatively, one could make a custom CSS or custom filter for uBlock Origin, for example, to hide the score from your page.

I believe this could make a nice issue for the Lemmy project: Allowing to completely hide voting from the user interface as an instance default option (with option in user settings to turn it back on for themselves).

Same for me. What I do is subscribe to communities I am interested in and show only subscribed feed. Then federation came and I wanted to be able to see other posts too, so I just abuse the communities blocking feature to block everything I am not interested in while having all as my default main page filter. After a while, I was able to block most of the unwanted communities and now I have mostly interesting posts in my all feed.

What really helped me is to use Jerboa on Android to quickly block communities straight from the posts (that is something I would probably welcome in web app, too). It is much quicker than having to go to the profile settings.

The shadows create an interesting effect when they collide with each other. Someone was having fun modifying the configuration values.

Oh, such wonderful news. I am so glad Marcel (M66B) seems to be doing better. I hope everything will work out for him in the future, both with the changes and in life. Even more so because FairEmail is an amazing piece of SW and absolutely essential for me.

That is interesting. I have never heard of anyone requesting Thunderbird for Android, but if there is a demand for this app, glad to hear they try to deliver.

Oh, I see the culprit. Consider the following.

You have here:


but you want here:


Without the https, the text parser handles the link as a local link related to the website itself (In Markdown, you can link – redirect – to other files in the filesystem. Websites supporting Markdown often reimplement this behaviour, as seen here.). I should have checked the source first before posting myself. I have already seen a few posts with this issue.

I can imagine the set would look really nice and cute. It would still be pretty usable, I think, too. What a great idea.

It sure helps me when I feel like having a shower in the morning. All it takes is to force yourself to get out of bed and walk the short distance to the bathroom. Then, in about 2 minutes after you wake up, you are completely awake, full of energy and (at least in my case) happy and ready for the day. No more morning grogginess, fatigue or grumpiness that it is morning again. I would encourage you to try it. It might not work for you, but if it does, it changes mornings completely.

Looking fantastic. Good work.

Creative. I will have to do the same, I presume.

And I absolutely agree. This would be a great QoL feature.

I agree. And I got you with the meaning of bad news. I would say it is the right approach. Cannot talk for others, though. Thank you for extending the fediverse.

I hope you feel better soon.

If something doesn’t go our way it’s a bad moment, the whole day isn’t bad.

I would say this is generally true, but it can also mean that when we have a good/bad moment, these moments tend to affect how we behave for the rest of the day. Furthermore, how we see the rest of the day. Therefore, bad moments can lead to a bad day as well as good moments can make us deliriously happy for the remainder of the day, which we would call a good day. If multiple moments occur, the feeling is just that stronger one way or the other.

That sounds nice. Yeah, I agree with how you see the community goals.

Thinking about it now, I might not be the only one without a clear understanding of which topics should I post to which community. If I were you, I would probably even explain the difference in the community sidebar where the link to !pixelfed@lemmy.ml community is with something like:

General Pixelfed discussion community: [!pixelfed@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/pixelfed) 

If this is bad news I’m sure I’ll hear about it :D

I do not understand what do you mean. What could be (possibly) bad news and why? I can see nothing wrong about this. Just curious why would you think it could be bad news in some way.