What is a good email provider for a custom domain?

What I have found so far:

  • posteo looks good, but does not support custom domains
  • tutanota can support it though I somewhat doubt their survivability long-term
  • proton mail also supports it, but not a huge fan
  • zoho: tried it years ago and it was ok, subprocesor list has aws and google on the periphery but not core
  • ghandi.net: ?
  • fastmail: ?
  • kolab: ?
  • Mailfence

Are there any others to look at?

I am not looking to self-host.

I’ve been using migadu.com after drew devault started talking them up. No complaints so far, easy to setup, and everything just works.


That looks interesting, was not on my radar. thx


I also second migadu, it’s amazing.

Third it!

had to chime in here because i did my homework on this one :) Cheapest/most space would be inbox.eu - 3 eur a year along with 100gb cloud storage and great privacy, has been around forever in the form inbox.lv. I also use Purelymail but that’s sort of a one man project and better if you need multiple domains. There are also some domain registrars who will offer email free or low cost themselves.

I use fastmail and I like it. I use a custom domain with multiple aliases and it works well without issue.

If privacy and security are your top priorities, I think hosting your own mail server is the way to go, preferably on bare metal. There are open source no-knowledge-encrypted mail servers you can compile and deploy, but the downside is availability, cost, and potentially speed.


It’s somewhat tempting, but don’t really want to spend a weekend debugging dkim keys or what have you if an important mail ends up in someone’s spam folder. Maybe for a project down the road.


I’ve been using protonmail pro. It works.


I’ve been a fan of mxroute, good service, fair price, sane limits.

Here’s a good comparison of email providers: https://www.safetydetectives.com/blog/email-comparison/

The detailed chart has a custom domain column.


Host your own Mailserver… Just for you.

Debian, Exim, Dovecot are your friends.


I use Zoho. Although it’s not as secure or private as Protonmail or Tutanota, it’s pretty decent, has great features, and most importantly, is affordable. The price is $1 per account, which is much better than Protonmail’s starting $4 price, for example. Zoho has many features and a great control panel, which makes managing many accounts for an organization a breeze.


They all can read your e-mail. Whoever claims the contrary, is lying. Pick the one that offers the best features. A good one which doesn’t cost much is mailbox.org

Disroot I think.

You must donate a bit for it and fill a request.

I just saw article about Mailfence who “teamed up” with Thunderbird. And first look at their website looks good to me. Edit you have them listed lol

I’m sure they’re reading all my emails, but I use Yandex (the Russian equivalent of Google). Yandex is completely free even for multiple accounts (there’s a limit but I forget what it is). The interface works well and has an English option.

I also use mailbox.org, but Drew DeVaults words are law so Midagu might be my next jump. Not super hot on the documentation on mailbox


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