there is a website for social movie reviews I wonder if there is an alternative on the fediverse for that.


Just found which is about lending physical items and seems to be implementing ActivityPub.

Is it meant to replace OpenLibrary? It seems more extensible than Bookwyrm, but I don’t quite know its intended use case yet.

This does not exist, as far as I know. I co-maintain the ActivityPub Application Watchlist which is AFAIK the most complete list of federated apps. If anyone knows about any app that should be on this list, I’d be glad to know :) seems to be gone now. Any chance that its content will be transferred back to the old gitlab instance? Something like that watchlist would be great for the community.


I have happy news in that regard. We have migrated the watchlists to the Delightful Project on Codeberg. And they are rendered on the Delightful Club website.

I recall something similar but for books, maybe they have support got movies too?

bookwyrm, and no it does not

Rather something like Trakt as it’s available for Kodi, Netflix, etc. I’m wondering how such a great concept has never been made elsewhere in the FOSS-area while there are plenty of apps for Trakt.

It’s the same concept, Letterboxd is not the only one doing it, there’s also Film Affinity (which IMO is better since it doesn’t make this stupid distinction between films, TV shows, shorts, and so on, which Letterbox does), but yeah.

No, there isn’t it’s probably one of the things I need the most. There’s BookWyrm which is a replace for something very similar but for books, and there’s also another website for anime manga which is called Kitsu. I would love to grab the source code of one of these and modify the variables to adapt it for cinema, but I am too stupid to do that

Although not exactly what you’re looking for, there is

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