Migrating from i3 to Sway on Arch Linux. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

This makes sense if you have a basic configuration of i3, if you run on i3 many other programs as polybar, rofi, redshift, etc. you’ll find yourself spending way more time recreating something you already have with different software, just to find out that most of the applications you used to run need XWayland to work on sway. I really like the idea, but until applications get a decent support for wayland, I’m sticking with i3 (and I’m really looking forward to switch)


What applications do you use that don’t run on Wayland? GTK and QT apps do, and so do Electron apps.


There is still apps or games that doesn’t work correctly. I already tried but not all works well.


the post is dated 2017. maybe there were more difficulties at that time.

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