Good morning everyone,

On my old laptop I’m using Lubuntu 18.04.5 because thanks to LXDE it’s pretty fast (I’m using it only to work on Firefox for Wordpress) but I want to change distro with something new with the same speed.

Do you have any suggestions?


Why are you looking you change distro?

I’m looking to change distro because Lubuntu 18.04 is pretty old and soon it will no have support. It’s pretty good anyway and I’m curious if there is something more fast to work on web.

I don’t really think distro choice matters so much these days. If you’re looking to try something a little more bleeding edge - you could try something like Manjaro, this has a rolling release pattern so you won’t be in the same situation again. I think this comes in lighterweight flavour like Lubuntu. I’ve heard great things about Pop_OS, I would give that a good look too.

If your problem is just that it’s old, why not just dist-upgrade it?

I was using Lubuntu (and before, Linux Lite) on an old laptop, and they ran okay. Now I run a very barebones Arch, and it is really snappy, also the battery seems to last a bit longer(but that may be psychological). So if you are into a bit of tinkering, I think give Arch (or Manjaro) a try!

Which criteria do you have?

I enjoy an XFCE4 with a clean plank dock, nice and simple. I recommend Fedora Linux because it is security tight, very reliable, & user friendly

i wouldn’t mind switching from gentoo but nothing comes close to the level of control you get


i will never understand, why you should put in money an manpower for a new distro, because you dont like the WM of your preferred…

Take Debian… it gives you a plethiora number of DMs and WMs… not even all the best configuration, but its there.

lern how to configure your preferred WM or DM, and use it on Top of a bare Debian Netinstall… Add packages, you need (note what you need!!) and learn hot to build a .deb-Package with dependencies…

Thats a lot of Work, and you can give it back to the community as a congig, and a dependency-package… its enough work for one. you don’t need another distro… take care of a “Flavour” of a big Distro…

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