Federation with Friendica works great now.

The last days a lot of people came from twitter to fediverse… many of then to mastodon.

I created a community !askfedi@lemmy.schuerz.at for german speaking people for questions around the fediverse, to have a base for all that.

And a mastodon-user, which asked for such a plattform is not able to create new postings. He can only receive new ones and vote and comment…

Is creation from mastodon not implemented now?

Maybe it’s the same or similar problem as creation from friendica was?

I guess creation is not possible yet from mastodon since it does not support groups yet.


Oh… the problem is on mastodon site. I understand.


I Love how I was looking For Mastodon Fee months ago as I was censored on Twitter For speaking Something Twitter didnt like. Now that Elon haos brought Twitter the left is looking For some Others Site to censor and Ruin.

A loosely moderated place to ask open ended questions

If your post is

  1. Open ended
  2. Not offensive
  3. Not regarding lemmy support (c/lemmy_support)
  4. not ad nauseam inducing (please make sure its a question that would be new to most members)

it’s welcome here!

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