An only-selfhostable social media plattform, working primary offline on your device… It is pull-based not push-based. And it works in the same LAN/WLAN, or by bluetooth, or USB-Memory-Sticks… and for sure over the internet.

Your Backup are your friends. You only need your e25519-secure key as your “Identity-Passport” to get all your data back, if you loose your device…

Great thing!

And it makes the “loud” Social Media noisy…

I’ve used Scuttlebutt a few years ago. I liked it a lot, though it was a bit rough around the edges at the time. For example, you couldn’t use the same identitfy for two different clients, like for example Patchwork for PCs and Manyverse for Android. You had to generate two identities, one for each program. This might not be the case anymore, though.

I should give it another shot soon.

It still has the same problems. It had hardly any development.

Pull based meaning?

I think this has to do with the way SB works. All SB posts are stored on the device you’re writing on, not on a server. When you add someone on Scuttlebutt, you only get their posts when there’s a connection between your device and theirs. So, SB pulls their posts to your device when this happens as opposed to having them pushed to your device by a central server.

Someone please correct me if I’m wrong.


yes. thats right. but your device even pulls the updates from a friend, even if a common friend together is online… and pulls all the updates our common friend pulled before…

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