I know libtorrent added webtorrent support a while back, how does it work? I tried it in qBittorrent and Transmission, and it downloads from the webseed only

Yes! Click on the download button under the video, select your desired resolution, click advaced, and you will have the option to download a .torrent file.

You can also right click on the video player and use the option to copy the video magnet link, but for some reason, when I tried this in the past, I never got any peers.


Could copyright sharks watch those repositories and issue copyright FUD?

Sure, but the vast majority of Peertube videos are under open licenses like Creative Commons, and I’m pretty sure you need to agree to having your video be torrented in the Peertube TOS when you upload. Basically, most videos made for Peertube is specifically meant by the creator to be shared in this way.

Of course, this wouldn’t apply to if someone uploaded a pirated movie or show, but seeing how regular torrents for those are everywhere, I doubt they’re having much luck taking them down. Think at best they’d be able to DMCA the home Peertube instance and get the main copy and listing taken down.

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