The open source world's diversity problem could actually make the larger tech industry's entrenched imbalances worse.

Well, diversity is a problem. But I do not get the point at all. I mean, you can go and make your own FOSS/OpenSource project if you want, nobody stops you.

many people do exactly that, for instance in germany. This is the reason for safe spaces to exist. That people can just enjoy hacking on some technical problems without some annoyingly sexist persons interrupting that enjoyment.

But it is a problem people have to create their own safe spaces to enjoy the tech scene. For instance, i remember on CCC many women complained that people randomly touched their body and this is just annoying.

the problem is not women complaining about sexism, it is men who don’t understand they act sexist

I’m guessing from your username that you might be from or in a German speaking country? My experience is that life is easier there for women in tech than in other places I’ve lived (going purely on the number of female software devs I worked with there compared with other places I’ve worked). Not that you should feel “grateful” or anything like that, that things aren’t worse, but if you think where you are is bad then imagine what it’s like in other countries :-(

yes i am from germany, and yes i know in countries like afghanistan with taliban lead, women have worse rights, but i still think we should fight in rich and modern countries for feminist politics even though women aren’t executed when they don’t want to wear a hijab.

but still: even in germany many women are killed for being women, but the media doesn’t explain the roots in patriarchy and instead explains it like an “dramatic accident”. it doesn’t explain that about 1/3 of women in germany have experienced sexual violence and it doesn’t draw the connection to how men grow up learning to think in a patriarchic way.

when sexualized violence or sexual harassment happens everyone is shocked and shortly afterwards everything is forgotten again. either that or people want to know exactly what happened so that they can explain the victim what they experienced was not sexual harassment or sexual violence because the (usually male) persons think they know better.

for being such a rich country we still have much to do.

especially we male tech people should learn how the patriarchy works so we can both avoid being patriarchic assholes and also show better solidarity when women and queer people criticize behavior

Travis Skaalgard

Media like this will bring up a valid concern, diversity in this case, and then explain why we’re apparently so much better off under the watchful eyes of corporate interests. Make no mistake, things like this are almost always hitpieces designed to make people less interested in anti-corporate software.

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