Wow. The probably most popular on-line shop in Holland and Belgium is selling Linux laptops, with currently a choice of twenty laptops with Linux preinstalled, prices go from about 500 to over 3000 Euros. They usually partner with other companies to deliver the products. The names of these Linux laptops companies were unknown to me till today.

(Not wanting to “spam” in favor of them, only wanting to share this development, but if you want to fact check, try “linux laptop kopen” without the “” in Duckduckgo, and choose Belgium for country, and you will probably see that big name as the first hit).

It’s a wonderful thing.

I’ve been installing Linux on every device I’ve owned for over 15, almost 20 probably, years now. Just this past year I bought my first piece of hardware with Linux pre-installed. An awesome System76 laptop. Love it.

I bought a Pangolin about 30 minutes after they allowed orders on them and it’s been great. I’m writing this comment from it right now.

Nice. Jealous. I got the galaga pro.

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A big breakthrough is major OEMs, namely Dell and Lenovo, starting to ship computers with Linux, generally with models aimed at the professional/enterprise market. Maybe things are finally looking up for the pipe dream of desktop Linux (excluding non-FLOSS ones like Chrome OS) rivalling the likes of Windows and Mac OS!

Here in Brasil it’s more common then I’d expect, even tho it’s still not ideal, since most retail stores have W10 on their laptops, but DELL and Acer have been really good with Linux laptops over here, with the former offering Ubuntu and the latter EndlessOS



Wow, never heard of this one before

tbf neither had I before I saw an interview with one of the devs, and a complaint from a friend of mine, who had one of the laptops that came with it (since it was cheaper), didn’t like it and switched to windows


Me neither, but after reading about it on the website, it seems really novel in its approach. As much as I love Linux Mint, EndlessOS seems to be an even better way to switch people uninterested in the technical side of computers to GNU/Linux and closer to free software. I’m definitely going to explore the system when I get some time.

Edit and Update: After looking into some reviews, EndlessOS has an EULA, some forced telemetry, and other features that turn it into a product similar to the closed ecosystem of Apple. Tons of malware/disservices like Chrome (which even comes with AdblockPlus pre-installed), Facebook, and What’sApp are promoted outright, which is a real shame for a distro that is geared towards education and students.

On the positive side, there are tons of great apps, especially learning-based ones for kids, the offline content is a boon, and the immutable system design via a read-only root system and package management are excellent for keeping it from breaking.

A personal gripe is their website, which, while flashy, is difficult to navigate (at least when looking for useful information).

I wish they were getting common in Brazil, with national computer builders. Over here, 500 Euros is over 3000 Reais which is enough to live reasonably well. Most people’s wage is way below that. Also, importing electronics over here means paying a 100% tax, so double that amount. Even Raspberries (and the sort) cost over R$ 500,00 , which defeats the purpose of being a cheap, accessible free computing device.

I don’t know how big, worldwide computer manufacturers get to sell their computers over here for R$ 1000,00 - 3000,00, but if they don’t get aboard pre-installed Linux computers, we will be stuck with Windows for the average users for a long time.

If no national manufacturer spurs up, all that I can hope is that Unix consoles like Switch and and SteamDeck, plus european manufacturers of Linux-PCs, will eventually influence the big brands to diverse a little.

That’s really cool! I wish something like this would start in India!

Ah, the company with the big blue guy mascot/logo. Sure they sell Linux laptops, honestly I never expected anything else. 3rd parties sell all kinds of stuff through them, so why not Linux laptops either?

Wake me up when the big consumer tech webshops start selling and actually promoting Linux-based systems.


Yeah that’s true. It will still be a very long while before that happens, if ever (in the not so distant future). There’s a lot of money on the line with manufacturers, shops and Mictosoft…


Here in Germany, we have a company called Tuxedo Computers. They sell their laptops and computer with a preinstalled Linux but offer additional drivers on their homepage if someone really wants to install Windows on these machines. They also offer support via mastodon, even for their first-generation laptops, which is really nice.

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