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Hi there.

I just had some hope, that the new funkwhale-forum will be a lemmy-instance…

why not?


Well, we had a discussion in our old forum and Lemmy was not suggested there, so we did not even considered it. I probably wouldn’t vote for Lemmy as a replacement for a “real” forum, though. I am not a huge fan of these non-linear platforms for in-depth discussions on a bigger topic.

I think Lemmy is a great addition for the fediverse and you can tell I am somehow interested, at least I try to read here from time to time ;) Once we have some resources left, we might start our own Lemmy instance, but not as a replacement for our forum but as addition.


So they went for Flarum which I think is a cool choice. Discourse is very popular but has several drawbacks imho. By choosing for Flarum it will maybe help popularity for Flarum. Lemmy is maybe not the best fit for a forum site though (I think I read that) with some extra software it could be.

I agree. Its actually a link aggregator and Flarum offers a huge set of features which are expected from a forum. We are quite happy with the amount of control we have and the fast and clean experience.


speaks flarum activitypub?

I mean I get it. We are a project of the fediverse and we are supposed to support and use the fediverse tools. But actually, we do! We host our peertube (which is not that active lately), we are active on Mastodon, our blog is federated and we are having an eye on Lemmy. There are a lot interfaces to interact with us using activitypub.

But activitypub is a protocol for social networks, and although we like them, we are actually contributing to build one!, they don’t are a good fit in any situation. And the idea behind having a forum is actually one of these things, where some fediverse-software wont fit.

We want to have discussions with our active community members, we want to have place for longer discussions without any mechanics like upvoting, downvoting, non-temporary ordering or recursive thread depth. We need sufficient management of our members to have voting following our statutes. And actually we need a safe space for discussions where not everyone with an account anywhere can drop by and rants about whatever we do. We get quite some of these things via E-Mail, Matrix and the Fediverse and I did not noted something similar with Loomio or Flarum.

So, these are the reasons for us to pick Flarum, this is what our decision was (which was actually open for contributions by anyone and we asked for participation on our Mastodon). I might not have convinced you, but I hope you can understand our motivation. Thanks for your feedback and interest in Funkwhale! :)


thanks for this explanation. i csn understand your decission much better.



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Lemmy doesn’t have flags yet, so please tag your posts with [Question], [Help], [Other], [Promoting], [Artist], [Album], [Song] or other you may think is appropriate.

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