Yesterday i watched a video about the new spaces in matrix and then i posted something in lemmy… and then i thought about the fediverse-group-discussion…

And then i had the idea, that groups in fediverse should exactly work like rooms in matrix. public communities/groups/forums should be cloned to each instance, where users have joined this group. The updates between all the instances should work similar to git.

private groups or communities should probably only be located on the owners instance.

This could probably solve also the problem in lemmy, where older postings an comments are not fetched. i have to search for each posting an comment, to get them all…

what do you think?

Besides two long-running discussions about standardizing how Groups work, there’s a more recent topic at Social Hub to be able to define Unbound Groups. These are Groups that are not tied to an instance, but are independent of them. With it the same Group can exist on multiple instances. The mechanism we are thinking about is a bit of a workaround to the limitation that Groups are bound to an instance via their Object ID (which is an URL).

Other than that, for a long time I am promoting a concept which I call “Community has no Boundary” (just linking to one comment, but I wrote many). It is about setting the concept of “Community” free of instances once and for all, by defining an Fediverse/ActivityPub extension for it. The “instance” means a server boundary, and that is a technical concept. With the extension we no longer have to talk about instances, but refer to communities instead. Each instance hosts one or more communities, just like Lemmy does.

But it goes a bit further than that. If you look in real life to the groups and communities you are part of, then there are many different types of relationships you have with them. You may be a ‘member of’ a sports club, but also ‘sponsor’ it, and ‘volunteer’ behind the bar in the canteen. That’s three relationships. In fedi apps we see Groups still be limited to ‘member of’ relationship and the additional privilege to be either a moderator or an admin. But it does not go further than that. With Relationship in place for Groups it becomes possible to better express the rich social fabric that exists IRL and build functionality on top of that, which takes that into account.


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