Alcohol from dairy waste may be headed to tap near you | Cornell Chronicle
Acid whey fermented and brewed like beer could soon be on tap, turning dairy waste into a flavorful drink with an alcoholic kick.

For those who consume dairy, would you try alcohol dairy?

Thanks for sharing this! It’s interesting to think about it.

To be honest, it was a bit jarring. Partly because of my associations with milk— very different to those with alcohol. But apart from that, in my mind, a big enough market of this product could boost cow reproduction, rather than reduce the amount of cows in the world.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that, today, the leftover whey is not being used in any way, so this innovation would help prevent waste.

But investment and research reduce costs and can drive up demand. That is why I’m skeptical of this investment/research. I don’t want to further justify the excessive reproduction of cows and their awful existence in this planet. I want to create the conditions so that we reduce our reliance on methane-producing and suffering fellow mammals.

I do want to realize that, while saying that, I hear in myself a critical voice that may be shitty to hear. I’m sorry about that…

Now, having said that, (1) thanks again for sharing this and (2) yeah, although I wouldn’t make it a habit, I’d give it a try. It sounds interesting.

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