Just a quick release based on my previous Hubzilla webapp. No real difference from using Lemmy in the browser except that you have a instance search interface (API from and the ability to share urls & text from other places via the the content-hub…

Github release tracker, a RSS feed bot for Lemmy?

The user linked seems to be a feed tracker bot for Lemmy. Anyone got an idea where the source-code for that might be?..


I thought this would be good to share, its an excerpt from an unpublished interview written in december 2020 about Lemmy’s origins and goals. …


I've changed my mind (Repost, got deleted by admins)

cross-posted from: since it wasn’t allowed and I got banned. Worth checking the original post for comments. …

Ban farewell posts as a rule

No need for the drama really but criticism posts obviously should be allowed. …

Filter communities in "local" feed

Hey, is there a way to ignore/filter/block communities in local feed? I don’t want to have to subscribe to nearly-everything just to filter out content from a few very noisy subs if possible…

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Cross-federation with Pleroma?

Is there a good place to follow the status of cross-federation with Pleroma? Like a PR or issue on Github?..


A little tag if commenting user has up-voted a topic?

This could be some incentive for up-voting relevant topics. Maybe also a tag indicating a commenting user has joined the community they are posting in?..

Now is your chance to promote Lemmy to your friends ;)…

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Boomarklet or URL slug for "Share it on Lemmy"?

Is there a way I can easily put a button on my website to let people share the current page to their preferred Lemmy instance? Like it exists for other social media sites and some fediverse platforms. … now redirects to

This is due to wanting to separate the lemmy flagship instance from the onboarding site…

RSS feed for a community?

Is there a feature to receive RSS feeds for a community?..

Concern around CoC's "oppressive"

I am thinking about creating an outpost in Lemmy for Reddit’s r/moderatepolitics subreddit. Briefly, the goal of the subreddit is to bring together a variety of viewpoints with rules that are mostly limited to not attacking other users and some operational rules (e.g. no editorialized headlines). Th…

new mods for some communities ? has all his posts and comments deleted. Last activity is from 8M ago. Idea to find new mods for those communities they were mod for ? Some of them I find pretty relevant communities…

A few months ago I complained that Lemmy wasn’t rendering properly on Pale Moon (this was due to CSS unloading). I don’t know what you guys did (or what Moonchild did), but thanks!..

Everything about Lemmy; bugs, gripes, praises, and advocacy.

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