• @leanleft@lemmy.ml
    12 years ago

    i dont care about specific finance details
    its real simple: is all potential user tracking technologies removed? if no, WHY?? (suddenly i’m looking at the money as a huge conflict of interest)
    furthermore… do people want tracking so they can visit microsoft.com facebook.com google.com ?
    ok fine. [no fault of mozilla]
    but personally, i cant relate to these mainstream desires. i try not use it and i barely support what the project is doing.
    so basically what firefox is doing could be interpreted as benign catering to mainstrean userbase(at best!). but firefox has less value by my high standards.
    if ff uses this alibi, then all the Freedom and Transparent sentiment is extinguished instantly.

    firefox does not stand fully against mainstream privacy technology. firefox is betting that privacy advocates will not win.
    maybe thats true. maybe we should just settle for the lesser evil.
    it would be cooler if firefox sponsored smaller more radical privacy projects.
    currently it feels like ff sucks the wind out of the sails of radical projects to grease acceptance to mainstream of the last resisters.

    i do not think mozilla will support radical technologies.

    1. rad tech is assumed to replace what firefox currently does.
    2. firefox is happily accepting money from google to continue development of their mainstream project.

    what if ff is right? what if google/facebook would win and force tech elites to login to windows.com .
    ff would be the last competitor before an antitrust situation would sweep the internet into a dark age. that would not be good.

    how bad would it be to use googlechrome for 5min per day to check your bank.and then switch to existing rad tech? it might be feasible…(and beneficial to rad tech! like gemini). or maybe the gov would let sites force js for every webpage!! that would be bad.
    that seems seems like exactly where we have ended up these days under mozilla’s leadership. it obviously hasnt been working. but maybe the floor could somehow be lower!
    currently many sites refuse to serve nojs,vpn,tor. it could always defy extrodinary disbelief into literal clownshow donaldtrump amazonkillerdrone land.