Good morning everyone,

On my old laptop I’m using Lubuntu 18.04.5 because thanks to LXDE it’s pretty fast (I’m using it only to work on Firefox for Wordpress) but I want to change distro with something new with the same speed.

Do you have any suggestions?


  • Jakob :lemmy:A
    12 years ago

    i will never understand, why you should put in money an manpower for a new distro, because you dont like the WM of your preferred…

    Take Debian… it gives you a plethiora number of DMs and WMs… not even all the best configuration, but its there.

    lern how to configure your preferred WM or DM, and use it on Top of a bare Debian Netinstall… Add packages, you need (note what you need!!) and learn hot to build a .deb-Package with dependencies…

    Thats a lot of Work, and you can give it back to the community as a congig, and a dependency-package… its enough work for one. you don’t need another distro… take care of a “Flavour” of a big Distro…